Pinoy Idol Extra is Waste of Time

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I WILL never watch Pinoy Idol Extra again. I swear, I swear!

Pinoy Idol Extra is a nightly show on GMA-7 , which features behind-the-scenes footage during live shows and interviews with contestants and judges. It is supposed to bring the contestants closer to the audience by divulging the stories behind their determination to be the first Pinoy Idol.

It is hosted by Karylle and Rhian Ramos. I love Rhian but as hosts, she and Karylle are just so sloppy. Why did the production choose hosts who are as lousy as YengConstatino of Pinoy Dream Academy?

Worse, watching it is like watching a Venta5, a tv-shopping show on ABC-5, because of so many commercials. It seems that the show is produced only to gain revenues from ads. It never makes me eager to watch the eliminations, which should have been what Pinoy Idol Extra is produced for.
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