Kid Camaya sings Warrior is a Child on Pinoy Idol

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HERE IS a video of Kid Camaya performing Warior is A Child on Pinoy Idol:

Kid Camaya - Warrior is a Child
Uploaded by starmometerdotcom

I just don't understand the judges. At one point, they will like Kid. On other times, they will say nonsense criticism s of his performance. They're very inconsistent.

Ogie Alcasid says that it's kid's most soulful performance ever while Wyngard Tracy say's it's his worst. (Never mind Jolina's. Haha.) Are the judges there to confuse the viewing public? They are supposed to give hints to the contestants so that they will suit to the taste of the public.

Nevertheless, let's continue to Support Kid Camaya on Pinoy Idol. He's now number one of Starmometer.com's Power Ranking.

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