Philippine TV gets a shake with TV5

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I OPTED to watch a few shows on this new TV channel before actually blogging about it and yes, some of their shows are really good. Here are two of the shows that I found good.

Let's start with mp3, a sunday afternoon entertainment. It's different from ASAP and SOP because it's not shown live but it has other segments like profile interviews and showbiz bits. It's hosted by Valeen Montenegro and Paolo Valenciano. It's an alternative to ASAP and SOP for the younger music lovers.

Next is TEN, or The Evening News, which I believe revolutionized news. It's a countdown of the day's top stories, presented in a casual manner. And in Taglish. That makes it a radical shift from the stiff and so formal evening news of other stations. It has less clutter, making each story clear. It's the only news program on Philippine TV that will give a good night rest. It's really worth staying late in the night for.

I'm also watching out for Lip Gloss the local adaptation of the hit US TV series, Gossip Girl, which is said to be top-billed by Cheska Ortega, Sam Conception, and Mikee Lee of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 1. Laurice Guillen directs this show.

Best of luck for TV5!

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