Is Marian Rivera Pregnant?

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BUNTIS BA si Marian Rivera?

That was the question Boy Abunda asked Karylle on The Buzz. For those who'd been wandering in the mountains in the past few days, Karylle is now a Kapamilya, she jumped over ABS-CBN after her much talked-about breakup with Dindong. By that I don't mean to say that the breakup is the reason for her moving in to Channel 2. I don't also include myself with those who talked about the breakup. Haha.

Poor Karylle, all she could muster was a smile that is as mysterious as Mona Lisa's. But I'm loving the girl. I don't think she's hiding anything. For me, she's smart and civilized.

About the other girl Marian, hmm, let me think. I think she just over-reacted. She said, Karylle could simply say she doesn't know. I'd like to tell her that she could also just say that she's not pregnant. Her reaction just proves that she is surrounded by stupid people and palengkeras. I'm not judging her. She might just be so hurt about it. Did she confront Karylle and ask her why she just smiled? That could have helped before she staged an outpouring of emotion.

Well, that girl's quite reactive, really. Who could forget her scene in one of her tapings where she made taray to one of the fans. That could be her idea of a strong woman. But it doesn't quite sound like it. A strong woman can control her emotions and knows how to act when in public.

Just a thought, I will not wonder if Marian really bears Dingdong's baby. Who would dare ditch a girl this tempting?

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5 Response to Is Marian Rivera Pregnant?

1:58 PM

no she didn't over reacted. I am not Marian Rivera but by watching Karylle. He smirk face said a lot. Thats is bullshit, they said she was shocked about Boy's question? NO she is not! She wants controversy and she is using Marian!

4:55 AM


If you think crying publicly over a thing, which could have been clarified by contacting the person involved, isn't over reacting, then so be it.

But how could you judge Karylle to have meant any malice with her reaction. And oh, it wasn't smirk. She also didn't say she was shocked. She just didn't know at how to properly react to the question, which is not actually for her to answer. Is she a pregnancy test kit? Haha.

8:36 AM

First off, I am not a fan of either Marian or Karylle. I am just someone who happens to pass by this blog and has nothing better to do tonight (hahaha..), so I am posting my opinion.

I agree that Marian may be surrounded by people whose main purpose in life is to make showbiz a much crazier place. It (Karylle's smile) was a small deal and her reaction was definitely way more than what was expected of someone sensible. She cried a river when she could have just laughed it off like many other actresses who were rumored pregnant.

I'm not saying Marian is immature, but her ways (shouting at a fan - ugh! horrible - and crying on national TV over a smile or a smirk, if that's how they see it) definitely are.

11:59 PM

Hmmm....The fact that Karylle transferred to Kapamilya Network gives me an impression that their is really an issue. whatever it is, let it be..hehehhe

11:05 AM

I am not fan of these showbiz personalities but let's just say that I am just a showbiz fan in general. Based on my observation from these two actresses, one is lying. For me no long relationship could end so bitter and abrupt without major reason (I've been there myself), also in showbiz abortion is just a "NORMAL THING" that's why I salute and admire those who continue their pregnancy irregardless of controversies. History wise Karylle is pretty much clean and she need not use anybody for popularity (with a DIVA mother and all), so I think it's pretty obvious what's true plus all the rumors going around. Walang usok kung walang apoy ika nga

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