Lani Misalucha in Las Vegas

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ASIDE FROM Charice, another Filipina is wowing American audience in the person of Lani Misalucha.

Lani has been doing this for years in Las Vegas and she was, in fact, ascribed the title Siren of the Strip.

When her show, Voices, at the Hilton in Las Vegas ended in June, her fans at the strip wondered if it was canceled. Her manager, who is also his husband told Funfare that they did not renew the contract with Giordano because the latter failed to meet the demands they agreed upon in the contract.

According to reports, Lani will be moving to a bigger venue and will be putting up a high-tech show.

Meanwhile, here are videos of Lani's performances at the Hilton in Las Vegas:

Lani performs Beautiful Liar by Shakira and Beyonce

Lani spoofs Diana Ross

Lani spoofs Celine Dion

Lani's performances has always ensued rave reviews from audiences and from the media. Good luck to Lani in Las Vegas.
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