Firedancer from GenSan heats up Talentadong Pinoy's Stage

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FROM BOXERS, singers, actors, and dancers, GenSan never runs out of talented individuals. The newest addition to GenSan's list of winners is Andrew Stephen Tirado Diño a.k.a. Helios, who has just won his 3rd Defending Champion title tonight on TV5's Talentadong Pinoy.

Firedancer Andrew Diño a.k.a. helios

Helios won last October 10. That was followed yesterday, October 16, and tonight, October 17.

Helios or Andrew Diño, according to The Art Baboon,:

majored in Folk Dancing at the Philippine High School for the Arts, the only art school in the Philippines that havens young artists.
He is also the first and only Filipino contender to compete in the ...World Fireknife Dance Championship held in Hawaii, May of 2007.

He also represented the Philippines in the World Fireknife Dance Championships in California in 2008.

In his Facebook Fan Page, he is connected with Hong Kong Disneyland where he performs in a play and placed General Santos City as his location.

Andrew need five more wins to advance to the Hall of Fame of Talentadong Pinoy.

Meanwhile, here are his previous performances:

Helios (Andrew Diño) on Talentadong Pinoy - October 10

Helios (Andrew Diño) on Talentadong Pinoy - October 10

Helios (Andrew Diño) on Talentadong Pinoy - October 16

From us here on MusikaCentral, congratulations and good luck to Andrew "Helios" Diño.
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