Charice is back on YouTube singing Kisapmata

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CHASTERS HAVE been on missing Charice as she suddenly "disappeared" from the airwaves after her last project on ABS-CBN, The X-Factor Philippines, where she was one of the judges.

She recently created buzz online as photos about her choice of look and rumors about her sexual preference spread about.

Recently, YouTube user Mico Malonzo uploaded a video of Charice singing Kisapmata, which was popularized by Rivermaya in the 90's.

Charice sings Kisapmata

The video was automatically flooded with comments from Chasters expressing how much they miss Charice performing.

Here are few of the comments:

Izi So: Labyo, Cha! I've been waiting to hear your version of Kisapmata since last March's OpSmile. I just stared watching this...gosh, I miss U so much! :'-)

Deck Serena: Charice, don't be stubborn.
Millions of people all over the world adored you because of your talent, the kind of gift and talent that is only given to ONE human being in every generation.
Spiderman's uncle said, with great power comes great responsibility. Your talent is your power, Charice. Think about it. Dang, I really hope you are reading this.

There were also requests for more videos and Mico Malonzo granted their request. Here is another video of Charice singing Lighthouse.

Charice sings Lighthouse

One of the most touching comments I've is this one by jaybals07:

What happened to her?..i couldn't even believed it..where's the most talented girl in the world?..what will happen to those thousand dreams that inspired by this talented girl?..hoping she would come back 
 MusikaCentral has also followed Charice's career and wishes that Charice really will come back.
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