#Hugot Official Music Video

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Hello, guys! Here's another music video from GenSan's Local Artists, Phixon Dee of GMC, and Kf-One, Kreyzi Bayrus, and AYEL of Tunog Danao, entitled, #Hugot.

This song tells the story of someone who is torn between moving on and standing up for love.

Written and performed by Phixon Dee of GMC, Kf-One, Kreyzi Bayrus, and Ayel of TunogDanao (Tunog Mindanao), #Hugot is dedicated to all the "loves" we've lost.

The video shows three guys who had the same fate: left by their girls on the day of their anniversary. At the end of the video, their girls wanted them back. It's only a quick narrative posing the question: after being hurt by someone, will you still love that person again?

Thanks to MusikaCentral, Tunog Danao, Digmaang Heneral, and JRhyme of Explicit Records for making this happen.

Thanks also to Pizzahan, Champaca St., General Santos City for allowing us to shoot there.

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