Kung Magkita Ta sa Langit by AzukiMi & Chupaping

WHAT WILL you ask God when you meet Him in Heaven?

That is what this new song from Tunog Danao's AzukiMi and Chupaping is all about. It talks about how we usually set aside our duties to the Almighty as we go get busy with our worldly engagements only to turn to Him again when times get rough.

Get ready to be guilt-ridden as you listen to this track.

Here is the official music video of Kung Magkita Ta sa Langit by AzukiMi and Chupaping:

The music video stars AzukiMi and Chupaping themselves in the main role, with the special participation of KreyziBayrus (Charles Cyril Boc) and his mom (Dinavivian Pasaporte-Boc), Ripztah (James Hermosa), and Rowena (AzukiMi's special someone).

One important note about the making of this video is that it shows how dedicated AzukiMi and Chupaping are in their craft. They worked really hard in order for this project to be realized. Due to lack of funds, they used their skills -- electrical installation -- to pay for the expenses of the video production. They helped repair the electrical installations at Ayel's Digi-Hub in exchange for the video production. They have proven that nothing is impossible for those who are willing to work hard for their dreams.


Maling Hinala by AzukiMi feat Ayel - Official Music Video

From the same team that brought you Merong Forever, here comes another music video, but this time, it is a little bit darker and a little bit sordid. Written by AzukiMi, Maling Hinala, is a song about a guy who had been misled by a "girl" he pursued, ending up with a funny realization that their being together is a big mistake.

Ayel provided the chorus, which reminds everyone about the deception that is upon us all. Not all that the eyes see is real. One has to be cunning to avoid being fooled.

Providing the sultry voice of the "girl" is Jezzamae Matura. My apologies for missing to include her in the end credits. We couldn't have completed this project without her raspy, sexy voice.

Here is the music video of Maling Hinala by AzukiMi featuring Ayel:

To you, who's watching and reading this, thank you for supporting local artists!

Panaginip by JRhyme - Official Music Video

Here's a year-end offering from MusikaCentral! The year 2015 has been good to us. We have launched several projects this year and before it's 2016, we are releasing a few more music video productions. The first being Panaginip (Dream) by JRhyme.

JRhyme of RapSoul and Xplicit Records explores the idea of having an imaginary relationship with a girl he has long been fascinated about.

This video stars Mark Louie Tapiz a.k.a. JRhyme as himself, Marjorie Masayon as the girl of his dreams, Heart Sangalan as the girl's bestfriend, and Kenneth Pecayo as the spoiler of the main protagonists' happiness.

Here's the music video:

Thank you for watching and please continue supporting local artists.


Digmaan GenSan Rap Battle League Last Juan Standing 2: Cors vs Phixon Dee

Musika Central presents Digmaan GenSan Rap Battle League featuring Cors vs Phixon Dee. The DGRBL is a group of rap battlers in General Santos City. They usually hold their rap battles at Plaza Heneral Santos.

Happy anniversary to Digmaan! More power! More battles!

Watch out for more videos to be uploaded soon!


Munting Atleta by Ayel, Kreyzi Bayrus, and Azukimi of 95Hundred Tunog Danao

IN A well-attended forum of scholar-athletes, Musika Central's newest music video project has been launched. The event was held at the Notre Dame of Dadiangas University (NDDU) on October 3, 2015.

Scholar-athletes from NDDU, Holy Trinity College, Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Colleges, and Mindanao Polytechnic College gathered to learn about the advocacy of Coach Jay Omila, Chairman of the Table Tennis Association of the Philippines, which is "Sports Ay Edukasyon," pegged on the opportunities for better education made available by getting into sports.

Here's the official music video of Munting Atleta:

Munting Atleta
By Tunog Danao
Royalty Entertainment Production
Musika Central

Lyrics By:
Kreyzi Bayrus

Original Music By:
Christian Acenas

Jero A. Canonigo
Jeufrey L. Graciano
Lloyd E. Alde
Kezi Kyla M. Trinidad

Video Production
Musika Central

Recorded At
Aran Studio
Filipino Blood Records

Production Assistant
Fardan Denzon

Sound Engineer
Marlon Ureta A.K.A. Licko One

Music Editor
James Hermosa A.K.A. Ripztah

Music Editor / Co-Director
Kreyzi Bayrus

Cinematographer / Editor / Director
Ariel C. Lalisan

Munting Atleta is an advocacy song for struggling Filipino Athletes and their quest for better life using their God-given talents in sports.

This is inspired by the story of the advocacy Coach Jay Omila, who helps send young athletes to school through his program in the Table Tennis Association of the Philippines (TATAP), of which he is the chairman. Several young athletes from General Santos City have been given scholarships to De La Salle Zobel, oneof the country's most expensive schools.

The song narrates the dreams, aspirations, and even the difficulties faced by young athletes. The video highlights the stark contrast between the situations of athletes who lack support and those who belong to an established sports organizations like the Table Tennis Association of General Santos City (TATAG). It speaks of the importance of providing greater support for young athletes.

Being in sports has numerous advantages. Being able to go school as a scholar athlete is a prime advantage. Another is developing a sense of discipline among our youth and leading them away from drugs and violence.

Tunog Danao takes part in shedding light on the plight of young athletes through this music video product.

Produced by Musika Central, 95Hundred, Tunog Danao Royalty Entertainment Production, this video is a testament of our desire to make a difference in the society through our music.

Our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Cary Cacdac and Coach Jay Omila.


Merong Forever by Ayel and AzukiMi Official Music Video

Here is a new song from 95HUNDRED and Tunog Danao entitled "Merong Forever."

It is always subject of debate today whether forever exists or not. The phrase, "Walang Forever" is almost an automatic response whenever people hear of a failed relationship. But we think otherwise.

While a lot of people think negatively about failed relationship, we ask,"Should we stop loving because we have been hurt once?"

This song and video relives the precious moments of love on its early stage.

For this video to become a reality, we would like to thank the following:

Bunzo of Hymnmagsikan Wrecords
Rovie Ann and Roviliza Perez
Kreyzi Bayrus
The guard and crew of Dunkin Donuts Pioneer
Chavez Family (especially to RJayand J-J Chavez)
Shoutouts also to Down South Krew (DSK) for their graffiti that we used as backdrop.

MusikaCentral continues to support GenSan's local artists.


#Hugot Official Music Video

Hello, guys! Here's another music video from GenSan's Local Artists, Phixon Dee of GMC, and Kf-One, Kreyzi Bayrus, and AYEL of Tunog Danao, entitled, #Hugot.

This song tells the story of someone who is torn between moving on and standing up for love.

Written and performed by Phixon Dee of GMC, Kf-One, Kreyzi Bayrus, and Ayel of TunogDanao (Tunog Mindanao), #Hugot is dedicated to all the "loves" we've lost.

The video shows three guys who had the same fate: left by their girls on the day of their anniversary. At the end of the video, their girls wanted them back. It's only a quick narrative posing the question: after being hurt by someone, will you still love that person again?

Thanks to MusikaCentral, Tunog Danao, Digmaang Heneral, and JRhyme of Explicit Records for making this happen.

Thanks also to Pizzahan, Champaca St., General Santos City for allowing us to shoot there.


Tanggap Ko by Bastardo

From the production team that brought you, Iyong Ganda, here is another song from the one and only Bastardo, Tanggap Ko.

Tanggap Ko is a song that many could relate to. Anyone who has been in a relationship that turned sour could attest how difficult it is to accept that the relationship failed and to move on. That is what this song is about.

Although it might sound positive as the title suggests, the persona in the song is in deep lamentation and remorse.

The video takes a playful side of the song's message. The persona, in his pain, attempts suicide several but always fails. Maybe, it is enough sign to believe that ONE SHOULD NOT COMMIT SUICIDE just for a lost love.

We did some twist in the ending. It is up to you to conclude if losing the girl (?) was something to regret or a good riddance.

Bastardo (Reinvincent Morales) is a popular rapper from GenSan. He is currently affiliated with a local group Tunog Danao and 95Hundred.


I'm Not Invincible by AYEL ft Kreyzi Bayrus

Here's the second collaboration between Ayel and KreyziBayrus. I'm Not Invincible is an expression of anguish of a guy who is always perceived to be strong that everyone looks up to him and admiring him but nobody truly cares about him and what he feels because of the preconception that he can always manage.

In the video we translated the message into a short-lived love story between a girl who meets this cool guy. This guy has done great things for the girl earning her admiration but not her love.

KreyziBayrus (Charles Cyril Boc) and Michelle Gamutin play the lead roles, with the participation of Mayshelle Gutierrez, AXL Grico, and Kf-One Represent. (Thanks a lot, guys, for making this  music video project possible! XOXO)

We would like to thank Piyesta KTV and Restobar at Robinson's Place GenSan for not apprehending us when we took our shots there. We'd also like to thank Fashion Fusion boutique for lending us the dresses worn by Michelle. Other shots were taken at Heaven's Star Kitchen.

Thanks also to Ripztah of Pulaw Records and Tunog Danao Royalty Entertainment Productions.

Here's our video:

Again, we're doing this for the love of music and art.


Mahika ni Monica by AXL Grico ft. AYEL Official Music Video

From the makers of Kinabuhi, Katarungan, Diwata sa Panaginip, and Iyong Ganda, comes another music video featuring local artists from GenSan -- Mahika ni Monica by AXL Grico featuring AYEL.

Mahika ni Monica is the first collaboration between me and AXL Grico. Mahika ni Monica is about a boy's obsession over a girl he has just met. In the video, we played a bit of mystery on the character of Monica. It is all up to the viewer to conclude what happens after the boy discovers the "magic" Monica used against him.

Mahika ni Monica stars Mi Va Ocmar in the lead role, with AXL Grico, Judie Drama, Kreyzi Bayrus (Charles Cyril Boc), a kid named Aziza Eto, and a pussy cat named, Laput.

Most of the scenes were shot at the Saavedra-Saway old house in Labangal, General Santos City. Others were taken secretly at one of the malls in the city.

Here's the video:

This video did not cost us anything, just pure love for music and art. This doesn't give us anything in return, too, except for the feeling that we've expressed ourselves and shown our talents.

After Mahika ni Monica, another music video is coming out soon. It's gonna be my debut as a local recording artist. :)

Thanks for your support!

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