Tanggap Ko by Bastardo

From the production team that brought you, Iyong Ganda, here is another song from the one and only Bastardo, Tanggap Ko.

Tanggap Ko is a song that many could relate to. Anyone who has been in a relationship that turned sour could attest how difficult it is to accept that the relationship failed and to move on. That is what this song is about.

Although it might sound positive as the title suggests, the persona in the song is in deep lamentation and remorse.

The video takes a playful side of the song's message. The persona, in his pain, attempts suicide several but always fails. Maybe, it is enough sign to believe that ONE SHOULD NOT COMMIT SUICIDE just for a lost love.

We did some twist in the ending. It is up to you to conclude if losing the girl (?) was something to regret or a good riddance.

Bastardo (Reinvincent Morales) is a popular rapper from GenSan. He is currently affiliated with a local group Tunog Danao and 95Hundred.


I'm Not Invincible by AYEL ft Kreyzi Bayrus

Here's the second collaboration between Ayel and KreyziBayrus. I'm Not Invincible is an expression of anguish of a guy who is always perceived to be strong that everyone looks up to him and admiring him but nobody truly cares about him and what he feels because of the preconception that he can always manage.

In the video we translated the message into a short-lived love story between a girl who meets this cool guy. This guy has done great things for the girl earning her admiration but not her love.

KreyziBayrus (Charles Cyril Boc) and Michelle Gamutin play the lead roles, with the participation of Mayshelle Gutierrez, AXL Grico, and Kf-One Represent. (Thanks a lot, guys, for making this  music video project possible! XOXO)

We would like to thank Piyesta KTV and Restobar at Robinson's Place GenSan for not apprehending us when we took our shots there. We'd also like to thank Fashion Fusion boutique for lending us the dresses worn by Michelle. Other shots were taken at Heaven's Star Kitchen.

Thanks also to Ripztah of Pulaw Records and Tunog Danao Royalty Entertainment Productions.

Here's our video:

Again, we're doing this for the love of music and art.


Mahika ni Monica by AXL Grico ft. AYEL Official Music Video

From the makers of Kinabuhi, Katarungan, Diwata sa Panaginip, and Iyong Ganda, comes another music video featuring local artists from GenSan -- Mahika ni Monica by AXL Grico featuring AYEL.

Mahika ni Monica is the first collaboration between me and AXL Grico. Mahika ni Monica is about a boy's obsession over a girl he has just met. In the video, we played a bit of mystery on the character of Monica. It is all up to the viewer to conclude what happens after the boy discovers the "magic" Monica used against him.

Mahika ni Monica stars Mi Va Ocmar in the lead role, with AXL Grico, Judie Drama, Kreyzi Bayrus (Charles Cyril Boc), a kid named Aziza Eto, and a pussy cat named, Laput.

Most of the scenes were shot at the Saavedra-Saway old house in Labangal, General Santos City. Others were taken secretly at one of the malls in the city.

Here's the video:

This video did not cost us anything, just pure love for music and art. This doesn't give us anything in return, too, except for the feeling that we've expressed ourselves and shown our talents.

After Mahika ni Monica, another music video is coming out soon. It's gonna be my debut as a local recording artist. :)

Thanks for your support!


Aldrich Talonding, James Bucong performs for PhilPop 2014

YOUTUBE SENSATIONS from GenSan, Aldrich Talonding and James Bucong continues to make waves in the Philippine Music scene after being chosen to interpret one of PhilPop's finalists, Awit Mo'y Nandito Pa.

PhilPop is one of the country's most prestigious songwriting competition. The entry, Awit Mo'y Nandito Pa (Your Song Remains) is composed by Toto Soriano.

Awit Mo'y Nandito Pa's melodic rhythm is a perfect match to Aldrich's angelic voice. Here's the official lyric video of the song.

Awit Mo'y Nandito Pa

Composed by Toto Soriano
Performed by Aldrich Talinding & James Bucong

For those who still don't know Aldrich Talonding and James Bucong, they're the YouTube Sensations from General Santos City (GenSan) who were catapulted to popularity with a video of the song, Dance with My Father by Luther Vandross. Because of their instant fame and, of course, amazing talent, Ellen DeGeneres had them on her show -- yes, Aldrich and James performed on Ellen!

Here are the other finalists of the PhilPop 2014:

01 Qrush On You 
Written by Q-York
Interpreted by Jay-R,Elmo Magalona,Q-YORK

02 Torpe
Written by Daryl Ong
Interpreted by Kris Lawrence

03 Babalikan Mo Rin Ako
Written by Soc Villanueva
Interpreted by NIKKI GIL

04 Awit Mo'y Nandito Pa
Written by Toto Sorioso
Interpreted by James Bucong,Aldrich Talonding

05 The Only One
Written by Popsie Saturno-San Pedro
Interpreted by Thor Dulay

06 Hangout Lang
Written by Allan Feliciano and Isaac Joseph P. Garcia
Interpreted by Duncan Ramos,Young JV

07 No Girlfriend Since Break
Written by Davey Langit 
Interpreted by Luigi D'Avola

08 Song On A Broken String
Written by Jude Gitamondoc and Therese Marie Villarante
Interpreted by Nicole Laurel Asensio

09 Kung Akin Ang Langit
Written by Chi Datu-Bocobo and Isaac Garcia
Interpreted by Clara Benin,Mcoy Fundales

10 Dear Heart
Written by Mike Villegas
Interpreted by Kiana Valenciano

11 Salbabida
Written by Jungee Marcelo
Interpreted by Kyla

12 Langit Umaawit
Written by Toto Sorioso
Interpreted by Tom Rodriguez

Check out the PhilPop 2014 website for more information.

Good luck to Aldrich Talonding and James Bucong and your song, "Awit Mo'y Nandito Pa."

Celebrate the 116th Philippines Independence with Musikalilangan!

KATRIBU MUSIKALILANGAN is coming up with another free concert on June 12, Independence Day at the Al Fresco Strip of Robinson's Place GenSan, from 6PM onwards.

This year, Katribu Musikalilangan, Inc. celebrates its 10th anniversary with a show featuring best local artists in GenSan and SoCCSKSarGen.

I was at the Musikalilangan Independence Day Concert last year and it was indeed a fest for the ears and soul.

This year, here is the lineup of performers:


TO JOIN AND FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT NOS: 09237472600/09228496673/09327319986/09231386809/09228432618
Also, please follow Musikalilangan on Facebook.

And, uhm, I will also be performing with Axl Grico and KreyziBayrus. See you at the Katribu Musikalilangan Independence Day Concert!

*The poster above is not the official poster of the event. It is a MusikaCentral initiative.


MusikaCentral Interviews: Abra Live in GenSan

MusikaCentral was lucky to have been given the chance to interview Abra before the start of his concert in GenSan with other rappers and artists like Loonie, Ron Henley, DJ Buddha, MJ Cayabyab and Cliff Hogan (a.k.a. Justin Bieber of the Philippines).

Abra was so kind to grant us an interview. He gladly answered the questions I asked him. And, well, he was generous with his answers.

Here's the video of my interview with Abra:

Asked about the difference between being an underground songwriter before and now that he has joined the mainstream music industry, he said that the audience now is bigger. In terms of the quality of the songs, he said that there is no pressure about what he should write about. He said that once you write a song, it has to come from the heart. "Pag hindi galing sa puso, mararamdaman naman ng audience 'yun eh." (When it's not coming from your heart, the audience will feel it, too.)

At the backstage, Abra looked so innocent and so calm -- far different from his personality once he stepped on the stage and heard the scream of his fans. Abra is a passionate performer. Abra's fans went wild the moment he appeared on stage, so much wilder than the other performers' turn.

MusikaCentral wishes Abra more success in his career and we are looking forward to Abra's coming back in GenSan.


Iyong Ganda by Bastardo Official Music Video

MUSIKA CENTRAL'S first music video project this year is Iyong Ganda by Bastardo of Malayang 083.

Iyong Ganda is a rap-reggae song of obsession. It might also mean another thing for a different group of people, though.

The catchy tune and lyrics of Iyong Ganda has spawned a lot of followers all over the country through various uploads of the song on YouTube.

Bastardo shows pride towards his hometown, General Santos City in a shoutout in the beginning of the song. Malayang 083, the group where Bastardo belongs, refer to the area code of GenSan, which is 083.

The Official Music Video is produced by Musika Central. It was directed, shot, and edited by Ariel Lalisan. Beatboxer Harol Jomar Gesulga of Pilipinas Got Talent fame is very instrumental to the realization of the project. He coordinated talents, locations, and sponsors for the project.

Here is the official music video of Iyong Ganda by Bastardo:

Executive Producer/Talent Coordinator/Location Scout: 
Harold Jomar Gesulga

Ariel Lalisan

Minn Gundersby
Shahara Figueroa
Kiara Gwynn Agcambert

Licko'One Ureta
Kelvin John Kinjiyo
Ernest Russel Bernadas

Special thanks to:

Jaylistan Salon
Tropicana Resort Hotel
Zbay Restobar

Musika Central has always been supportive of local artists. We congratulate Bastardo for his music video, Iyong Ganda! Wishing you success in your career.


Aldrich-and-James duo covers Katharine McPhee's Terrified

YOUTUBE SENSATION duo from GenSan, Aldrich Lloyd Talonding and James Bucong, has recently released another music video on YouTube: this time it is Katharine McPhee's Terrified.

In this video produced by local musician, Bem Orchestrador, Aldrich  treats us once again to a seraphic musical experience with the voice we've always loved since we heard him sing Luther Vandross' Dance with My Father, which, if you've been living under a rock, turned them into instant stars, even appearing on Ellen!

Here is the video:

Terrified (Cover) by Aldrich and James

Musika Central looks forward to an original song by the duo. If they are willing, Musika Central can even produce a music video for their own song. 

Kudos to you, Aldrich and James! Musika Central will always be right behind every local artists GenSan produces.


5 Music Videos Produced by Musika Central in 2013

IN 2013, Musika Central delved into producing music videos for local artists in SOCCSKSarGen. Last year, we were able to produce five music videos all shot and edited by Musika Central.

Our first project was a tribute video to Paraguay, a gay man who has become a household name in the past few years. The song is called Kinabuhi written and performed by Paolo Araneta a.k.a. Kumplikado.

It was followed by a song by up and coming band Talking About Jane.

Diwata sa Panaginip is the latest and received marvelous feedback.

Here are the music videos:

1. Kinabuhi by Paolo Araneta feat. Glenn Cortez

2. A Song for SAN-D by Talking About Jane

3. Katarungan by Psylent Rhyme GenSan

4. Diwata sa Panaginip by Axl Grico ft. Crazii Viruz

4. I Hate You Na by Sheldon & Crehpto

Musika Central is looking forward to more music video projects in 2014. More power to local artists!


Katarungan -- Hymnmagsikan dedicates music video for victims of injustice

The cry for justice doesn't end with identification of the suspects, not even with their punishment. For as long as there is abuse of money, position, and power -- as long as the ordinary people do not get what they deserve-- justice is never served.

From the makers of Kinabuhi - A Tribute to Paraguay comes another music video, Katarungan (Justice).

Taking off from the unfortunate plight of Randy Quirante, a criminology student from Bgry. Spring, Alabel, Sarangani Province who was mistaken for a carnapper and was killed by policemen, Katarungan is a cry for justice for all those who were victims of injustices in the hands of the people who have money, position, and power.

Although the policemen who were involved in the case have already been sacked and a murder case have already been filed against them, the makers of the video believe that the cry for justice doesn't end with identification of the suspects, not even with their punishment. For as long as there is abuse of money, position, and power -- as long as the ordinary people do not get what they deserve-- justice is never served.

Katarungan was written and performed by Glenn Cortez, Bunzo Torres Repazo, Ripztah Hermosa, and Elbon "Poison" Ponce. Appearing in the music video are Marcelino Llego as Randy, Axl Grico as policeman, and Jenny Rose Chavez as Lady Justice.

Here is the video of Katarungan - The Randy Quirante Tribute:

Hymnmagsikan Wreckords
Pulaw Records
GenSon Entertainment Productions
Psylent Rhyme
Crazy Family GenSan

Lyrics of Katarungan 

1st Verse:
May mga bagay na hindi mo lubusang akalain
Di mo lubos maisip na ito ang daranasin
Sa pag sikat ng araw ay siyang dating ng takipsilim
Kung sino ang dehado siya pa 'tong nasa ilalim

Di ko alam kung bakit hindi maibigay
Ang tamang hatol at parusa sa taong nakapatay
Sapat na ba na basehan ang napagkamalan ka lang
Buhay po ang naging bayad ng inyong katangahan

Hindi naman nanunumbat pero sadya ngang mapurol
Pinapairal niyong batas kayo rin ang nagkokontrol
Di itatama ng mali ang isang nagawang mali
Wag na sanang pamarisan at mangyari pa uli

Sino pa magtatanggol sa naturingan na api
Kung ang hustisya't katarunga'y tahasang nabibili
Sana'y makuha ang punto na gusto ko na talakayin
Ibigay ang nararapat at wag niyong abusuhin

Asan na ang kasagutan sa aming mga tanong?
Mistulang pipi at bingi dahil hindi makatugon
Sa hustisyang tanging habol at hindi kabayaran
Wag na sanang pahirapan sana'y ibigay na lang 2x

2nd Verse:
Sa bawat sikat ng araw ilang buhay ang nabibilang
Sa mga karahasang dulot ng maling paratang
Na dinidiin na sila nga daw ang may gawa
Ngunit wala namang patunay na sila ang merong sala

Kawawa, hustisya di na nga nabibigay
Nagmistulang parang hayop na biglang pinapatay
Ilang luha pa ang tutulo't maghihinagpis sa sakit
Titiisin ang mga kirot dahil sa walang hutisyang nakamit

Ilan pa bang mga buhay ang masasayang
Huhusgahan, kikitilan ng walang dahilan
At paano nalang kung sa inyo ito mangyari
Nanaisin mo rin bang manahimik sa tabi

Syempre masasaktan rin ang isang katulad mo
Kahit gaano ka katibay matatablan rin puso mo
Kaya bitawan ang sandata isantabi ang kahalangan
Ipagdigkit ang mga kamay at humingi ng kapatawaran

Asan na ang kasagutan sa aming mga tanong
Mistulang pipi at bingi dahil hindi makatugon
Sa hustisyang tanging habol at hindi kabayaran
Wag na sanang pahirapan sana'y ibigay na lang 2x

3rd Verse:
Di lang milyon ang bilang ng mga taong namamatay
Na hanggang ngayon ang hustisya'y baon pa rin sa hukay
Dinadaan nalang sa limot hanggang sa mawala
Ang sakripisyong dinadanas ay wala lang napala
Ano bakit kaya? Dahil lang ba sa merong kapit?
Hahayaan lang ang tao na bigla lang naidawit
Kahit walang kasalanan ay pilit pinagbabayad
Kahayupang nagawa niyo ay sadyang walang katulad

Papano ba uusad kung ganyan ating sistema
Ni pag lutas ng mga kaso di niyo pa nga kaya
Di ba napakadaya bakit di niyo ipantay
Ang hustisyang sinisigaw bakit niyo maibigay
Ang katarungan na matagal ng dapat napa sa amin
Pilit itinatago porke't kami nasa ilalim
Nawa'y marinig aming hiling sa simpleng kantang to
At maitama ang mali at inyo ng mapagtanto

Asan na ang kasagutan sa aming mga tanong
Mistulang pipi at bingi dahil hindi makatugon
Sa hustisyang tanging habol at hindi kabayaran
Wag na sanang pahirapan sana'y ibigay na lang 2x

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