Liezel Garcia is Pinoy Dream Academy's First Star Scholar

SHE USED to lack confidence because of her skin's color, but last night, Liezel Garcia showed everyone how vocal prowess can compensate for one's lack of physical attractiveness. She is no less than the first Star Scholar of Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2.

Here's a video of her performance, in case you're doubting:

Wonderful, isn't it? For that, she is safe from being expelled. There were other great performances last night but Liezel's was definitely a standout.

Kid Camaya sings 'Ordinary People' by John Legend

ON PINOY Idol, our bet, Kid Camaya sings Ordinary People by John Legend. Here is a video:

Here are the judges' comments:
Ogie Alcasid: “Para sa akin isa ka sa pinakamahuhusay
talaga pagdating sa boses. But you know what, it was so easy for you parang nabitin ako.”
Jolina Magdangal: “Hindi excuse na one minute
lang, dapat umpisa pa lang nakuha mo na kami lahat.”
Wyngard Tracy: “It was outstanding.”

But, of course, as we all know, Jolina's comment has no weight whatsoever. Support Kid Camaya on Pinoy Idol.

And oh, the voting period is extended. GMA-7's got to get lot's of money from the poll.


KC Concepcion's First Album: a.k.a Cassandra

HEAR YE, Hear ye! KC Concepcion creates a stir in the Philippine Music scene with the release of her first album, a.k.a Cassandra.

Here are videos of the launching on ASAP last Sunday:

Her 11-cut album contains revivals: Melt With You (Modern English), It Must Have Been Love (Roxette), Imagine (John Lennon), Just Can't Get Enough (Depeche Mode), Umbrella (Rihanna), Agila-Haring Ibon (Joey Ayala), and Doo Bee Doo, a South African song.

It also includes original composition by well-known Pinoy musicians: Ngiti Lang by Ryan Cayabyab, Breathe by Raymund Marasigan, Imposible, and An Updated Version of Me.

For sure, her album will sell for so many reasons. First, KC's got the talent. Second, she has lots of fans. Third, she's the daughter of a megastar and a stepdaughter of a senator. Fourth, her album is a product of the Philippine's music geniuses.


A Messy Start for Pinoy Dream Academy

EVERYTHING WAS a mess on the Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 opening night. Not surprisingly, the one who made the most mess is the international star, himself, Billy Joe Crawford, who, it turns out, has the talent of talking to himself.

The routine was Billy and Toni Gonzaga taking turns in introducing the scholars and escorting them through the ugly and too narrow pathway to the academy, where at the gate, Nikki Gil waits with the relatives or friends of the scholars. There were too many awkward moments as they did that. The asking of too many cliche questions as they walked towards the academy was very trivial. Was it necessary? It also showed how inexperienced Billy was in hosting the PBB or PDA way.

By the way, here's a video of the opening number:

I also object the inclusion of that Bea and Jovannie in the list of scholars. They didn't perform well in the auditions and even during the opening night. Those in the waitlist were even better singers than them.

Good luck to PDA. I think there's no way it's gonna beat Pinoy Idol this time. I used to think Raymond's hosting was crap until I witnessed how the dream hosts, as they are called, hosted the opening night. First impressions usually last.

Kid Camaya sings Gone Too Soon on Pinoy Idol

Kid Camaya - Gone Too Soon
Uploaded by starmometerdotcom

HAVING THE voice that everybody would love to hear, Kid Camaya chose Gone Too Soon by Michael Jackson in a performance, which will be the basis for his entering or not the final twelve.

I hope he makes it.


Kid Camaya sings 'Love Always Finds A Way' on Pinoy Idol

HERE IS a video of Kid Camaya's performance this week on Pinoy Idol. He sang Peabo Bryson's "Love Always Finds A Way."

With his talent I believe he has a really good chance in the show. Although, of course, as the judges point out, he needs to improve his performace.

Kid made it to the Top 14. Let's continue supporting Kid Camaya on Pinoy idol. Support Kid Camaya.


Teaser and Theme SongLyrics and Video of Urduja--The Philippine's First Full Length Animated Film

ON JUNE 18, we will be enthralled by the first ever full-length animated feature Urduja.

Not only Disney or Pixar studios can produce animated films, our vey own APT Entertainment, an Antonio P. Tuviera production, and Seventoon at Imaginary Friends, created Urduja, an animated film about a legendary warrior princess that we usually read in elemtary school textbooks.

We know that our animators had a hand in the making of famous foreign animated films like Nemo. Now, it's time to have our own film produced by local productions.

Urduja is voiced by Asia's Songbird, Regine Velasquez, who also sang the theme song, Babae Ako. The film also features the voices of Eddie Garcia for "Lakanpati", Johnny Delgado for "Wang", Allan K for "Tarsir", Michael V for "Kukut", Jay Manalo for "Simakwel", Epi Quizon for "Daisuke", Ruby Rodriguez for "Mayumi", and Cesar Monatano for "Lim Hang".

Let us all support this movie. This might just be start of more animated films in the Philippines.

Here's the lyrics and video of the theme song:

Babae Ako
Regine Velasquez

Babae ako
Ano bang dapat kong gampanan
Sa daigdig na ating ginagalawan
Ang hangganan ko ba'y hanggang saan

Babae ako
Ako ba'y mayro'ng kapangyarihan
O ako'y isa lamang na bukal
Na pagkukunan ng pagmamahal

Nais kong lumipad na may sariling bagwis
Nais kong marating pangarap nang mabilis
Nais kong manguna sa mga maya
Para makita ang bagong umaga
Ngunit kailan pa
Gusto ko na
Ngayon na

May galit ako
Ngunit pag-asa'y nasa puso ko

Bukas ang hamog makikita mo
Hihigupin niya ang paru-paro..
Ang paru-paro

Nais kong lumipad na may sariling bagwis
Nais kong marating pangarap nang mabilis
Nais kong manguna sa mga maya
Para makita ang bagong umaga
Ngunit kailan pa
Gusto ko na
Ngayon na

Another proof of our preference for the underdog: Ejay Falcon is Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus Big Winner

IN A spectacular, out-of-this world Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition BIG NIGHT, Ejay Falcon affirms the predictable voting behavior of Filipinos--the preference for the underdog.

Many might still be questioning whether Ejay deserves to be the big winner. And many are still wondering how he has surpassed Robi Domingo's consistent lead in online polls. Ejay got 620,934 votes, 32, 819 votes more than Robi's 588,115 votes. We saw the numbers change. It was Robi who was leading the count in the first few minutes of the show. But right before the announcement, an unbelievable number of votes, about 35-40 thousand or even more votes, came in for Ejay.

One justification we could give about the outcome of the voting is that the people saw that it was Ejay who deserved the money more than anyone else in the show--the same reason why Erning, Ejay's guardian made it as the Big Winner, too, among the guardians. Others might also be needing money but Eajy and Erning both showed the more acceptable behavior inside, by staying in the sidelines, or as they call it, playing safe.

Robi, on the other hand, obviously didn't get inside the house to get the money. Although Robi has also shown an attitude that is worth emulating, the people still didn't chose him because they might be thinking that he has already proven himself. In their hearts, they know that Robi is the role model for the youth and he dosn't have to be the big winner in orther to create a positive influence.

In this video, you will see how happy Ejay was at the moment he knew he was the night's Big winner:

In our poll here on MusikaCentral, it was Robi who won by small margin:

Congratulations to Ejay, Robi, Nicole, and Beauty!


Support Kid Camaya on Pinoy Idol--Updated!

I HAVE one reason to watch Pinoy Idol: to support a fellow Ayala Young Leader, Elizalde Camaya, who goes by the screen name Kid Camaya.

He is one of the participants of the Ayala Young Leaders Congress 2004 and currently works at the Bank of the Philippine Islands.

Last Saturday, he sang "Always Something There to Remind Me."

Here's a video uploaded by Starmometerdotcom on DailyMotion.com of Kid Camaya's performace last Saturday:

To vote for Kid Camaya:

Text IDOL KID and send to the following numbers:

367- smart and talk and text
2344- globe/touch mobile/suncellular

cost is PHP2.50 per vote.

Voting mechanics:

Voting will start only after every show until 12 noon of the next day.

Kid Camaya shares his story on the Ayala Young Leaders website. CLICK HERE to read what Kid has to say.

'When You Believe' Male Version by Leon Jackson--Lyrics and Video

HERE'S THE male version of the hit song, When You Believe by Mariah Carrey and Whitney Houston from the animated film, Prince of Egypt. It is sung by X-Factor 2007 winner Leon Jackson.

Leon Jackson
is a 19-year old Scottish singer who is a huge fan of contemporary jazz and Michael Bublé. Jackson is now gaining popularity as his version of the song, When You Believe makes name in music charts in the UK and for sure in other countries as well.

When You Believe

Leon Jackson

Many nights we've prayed
With no proof anyone could hear
In our hearts a hopeful song
We barely understood

Now we are not afraid
Although we know there's much to fear
We were moving mountains long
Before we knew we could

There can be miracles, when you believe
Though hope is frail, it's hard to kill
Who knows what miracles you can achieve
When you believe, somehow you will
You will when you believe

In this time of fear
When prayers so often prove in vain
Hope seems like the summer birds
To swiftly flown away

Yet now I'm standing here
My heart's so full I can't explain
Seeking faith and speaking words
I never thought I'd say

There can be miracles, when you believe
Though hope is frail, it's hard to kill
Who knows what miracles you can achieve
When you believe, somehow you will
You will when you believe

They don't always happen when you ask
And it's easy to give in to your fears
But when you're blinded by your pain
Can't see your way straight throught the rain
Small but still, resilient voice
Says love is the relief

There can be miracles
When you believe
Though hope is frail
It's hard to kill
Who know what miracles,you can achieve
When you believe, somehow you will
somehow you will
You will when you believe

You will when you
You will when you believe
Just believe...in your heart
Just believe
You will when you believe


Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus BIG FOUR chosen

THE PINOY Big Brother Teen Edition Plus Big Four has just been determined and now, we will be choosing the teen housemate whom we want to be this season's Big Winner.

Who among Robi, Nicole, Beauty, and Ejay will be the PBB Teen Edition Plus Big Winner?


The result of our own poll here on Musika Central proved to be consistent with the result on TV. The Musika Central poll results are as follows:

  • 72 % of voters chose Robi

  • 54% chose Ejay

  • 42 % thinks Beauty and Nicole should be part of the Big Four

  • 40% believes in Alex

You see, the figures do not add up to 100% because voters were allowed to make multiple votes. The percentage refers to the chances that the housemate is chosen by the voters.


Lobo--Starring Angel Locsin and Piolo Pascual--Intensifies

THE TV Series, Lobo, is currently nearing its climax. Fans will soon see what will happen to the Luna's quest of eliminating the Wayas now that the reall identity of the anatgonist, Silva, had been revealed.

If you have not been following the series, Lobo is a drama series shown on the primtime drama block of ABS-CBN. It stars two of the country's hottest TV stars Angel Locsin and Piolo Pascual. Angel plays Lyka, the Huling Bantay (Last Frontier) of the Wayas (a tribe of man-wolves) while Piolo plays Noah, a Luna, a soldier who kills man-wolves and is driven by a memory of his father being killed by one.

This is Angel's first fantaserye (fantasy series) on ABS-CBN after moving our from GMA-7, where she first became popular when she played the heroine in the TV version of Carlo J. Caparas' Darna. Lobo might be the show that finally confirms Angel's right to be dubbed, Fantaserye Queen.

It seems that ABS-CBN is taking the show so seriously in term of production and promotion. It is complete with the right elements of a successful and sensible TV series--it has a good plot, casting, and production design, among others.


For those who are looking for online videos of past episodes, cast, and other details of today's most talked-about TV series, Lobo, visit this blog: Lobo The Series.

Here's the Lyrics of its official sound track, Ikaw ang Aking Pangarap by Martin Nieverra :
Ikaw Ang Aking Pangarap lyrics


Kim Chiu is My Kind of Girl--Plus Lyrics of the Theme Song, My Girl, by Sam Milby

THE PINOY remake of the Koreanovela, My Girl, revealed that Kim Chiu is indeed talented. Aside from from being a contortionist, she is also very good at making faces. She does it so naturally that makes me enjoy the TV show. It's a relief to watch a show like My Girl.

The My Girl Fever is on!

Here's the lyrics and video of the theme song, My Girl, as performed by Sam Milby:

Song lyrics My Girl lyrics


Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus: Who's Your Big Four?

NOW IT'S down to five. It's time to pick the housemate whom you like to be in the BIG FOUR. Nan's out. So, one among Nicole, Beauty, Robi, Alex, and Ejay has to leave the PBB House on Wednesday. And on Saturday, we will find out, who will be this season's Big Winner.


Last season's Big Winner is Kim Chiu, who is now making a name for herself as she plays Jasmine in the remake of the Koreanovela, My Girl.

Visit PinoyBigBrother.com to vote. Images in this post are from PinoyBigBrother.com.

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