Chairce Pempengco sweeps Macy's 87th thanksgiving Parade in New York and Wowowee in San Diego

CHARICE PEMPENGCO once again amazed fans awaiting for her performance that has always been great. And in this post, two great performances are featured: In New York, on the ocassion of Macy's 82nd Thanksgiving Day Parade, November 27, Charice sang Because You Loved Me. In San Diego, she sang Alone in the ABS-CBN gameshow, Wowowee, November 29.

Here are the videos:
Charice at Macy's 82nd Thanks Giving Day Parade in New York

Charice in the game show, Wowowee in San Diego

I hope Charice Pempengco will be releasing an album to be released worldwide so that the world can sing to new songs that are Charice's own.


Christine Reyes as Eva Fonda Premieres December 1 - - Trailer

I CAN't imagine such steamy scenes are allowed by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) to be shown on national TV at primetime. Nevertheless, EVA FONDA is really showing on December 1. At long last.

As early as May this year, we've all seen the seashore scene of Christine Reyes being chased by Jason Abalos, which just sends chills to wherever thst chills are supposed to go. And there comes maniacal Baron Geisler in a violent rape scene.

I am waiting for the new trailer on YouTube. Meanwhile, here's a teaser that has been posted about three months ago:

Eva Fonda is a TV remake of a 1976 movie, which starred then starlet Alma Moreno. It was written by respected writer Pablo S. Gomez.

Joross Gamboa, Hazel Ann Mendoza, Rustom Padilla, and the original Eva Fonda, herself, Alma Moreno as also part of the cast.


Charice Pempengco on Good Morning, America!

GOOD MORNING, America! must be fond of Filipinos.

First, they danced to the Papaya made popular by Edu Manzano on Philippine TV. This time, they had Charice Pempengco on the show.

I know, this post is quite late but it's better late than never. In this video, Charice Pempengco sings I Will Survive:

A very nice version like I wanna dance to it. Charice Pempengco is now a very good performer. See that moves?

Michael Johns on ASAP 08 with Sarah, Rachelle, and Yeng


That was what Micheal Johns said of Sarah Geronimo, Rachelle Ann Go, and Yeng Constantino is his blog on MySpace.

Michael Johns of American Idol was referring to his performance with the three young singers on ASAP 08, where he sung Bohemian Rhapsody.

Here's a video I got from YouTube:

Johns also had concerts in various malls in Metro Manila, where he was overwhelmed by the support shown by Filipino fans. In fact, on TV Patrol, there was a mention of his coming back in 2009.

"Man, is this country a music mad place!" Johns said on his blog. And he's right. We're mad about music. But he hasn't seen the rural places yet, where there's always a videoke machine in every corner and a concert every night. I wonder what he would say about it.


Twilight Movie Premieres November 26--Trailer and Synopsis, No Spoilers

YOU MUST be afraid of vampires -- sharp-fanged, red-eyed, blood suckers.

Yes, they suck blood but they can love and be loved, too. That is if you are Isabella Swan. Oh, she insists being called "Bella." If you're in the bandwagon, you should have read Twilight, and fell in love with vamps, too.

This is no Anne Rice. It's more gentle, sweeter, and filled with love. It's about seventeen-year-old Bella, who just moved in to Forks, a town where it always rains, and found Edward Cullen who happens to be vampire.

A different kind of love story, Edward protects Bella from himself, because he finds Bella's blood so enticing, and from other vampires, of course, especially James.

A movie version of the novel will hit the Philippine movies on November 21 November 26.

The movie stars Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan), Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen), Billy Burke (Charlie Swan), Peter Facinelli (Dr. Carlisle Cullen), Elizabeth Reaser (Esme Cullen), Nikki Reed (Rosalie Hale), Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen), Jackson Rathbone (Jasper Hale), Kellan Lutz (Emmett Cullen), Cam Gigandet (James), Edi Gathegi (Laurent), Rachelle Lefevre (Victoria), Anna Kendrick (Jessica), and Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black).

Here's movie trailer from YouTube:

Visit the Twilight Official website


MunaTo Festival: Sugarfree is Coming to Town

LAST YEAR it was Parokya ni Edgar that rocked Sarangani Province's MunaTo Festival. This year, on the 6th MunaTo Festival, the Sarangans will feast on the music of Sugarfree.

For sure, it will be well attended as people here are fanatics of bands. The concert will be on November 29 at the Provincial Capitol Grounds.

See you, there!

Pinoy Fear Factor Theme Song Music Video and Lyrics--Pagsubok by Chivas of PDA

PINOY FEAR FACTOR started airing this week on ABS-CBN nightly after I Love Betty La Fea. But there seems to be too little buzz about the show despite the copious promotions. It debuted at Number 8, too far away from GMA-7's Survivor Philippines that dominates the primetime block. The other station must be saying now that there's nothing to fear about Pinoy Fear Factor.

Nevertheless, the PFF theme song is cool. Here's the Music Video and Lyrics:

Chivas of PDA

By: Chivas of Pinoy Dream Academy

Ang buhay ay parang laro
May natatalo at may nananalo
Maging anuman ang kaparalan
Hindi bibitiw sa laban ko
Itutuloy ko lang dahil…

Di ako susuko sa gitna ng pagsubok
Buong tapang na haharap sa hamon ng buhay

‘Di umuurong sa hamon, ‘di sumusuko
‘Di aatras, ‘di kakalas ipapakita ang lakas
Ang tapang ko’y ilalabas kakayanin ang lahat
Nasa aking mga kamay ang pag-abot sa tagumpay

Sa ating tagumpay…

Kahit ’san man mapunta
galing ipapakita
Ang bayaning nasa akin ipagsisigawan ko.


Charice Pempengco to join David Archuleta, Miley Cyrus on Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

OUR VERY own talented Charice Pempengco is really making it big in the US. In fact, she's joining today's most popular young celebrities in the 82nd Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Parade in New York on November 27.

Charice will be joining Trace Adkins, David Archuleta, The Cheetah Girls, Kristen Chenoweth, Clique Girlz, Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana), Grandma and the Big Apple Circus, the cast of the Broadway Musical Hair, Harajuku Girls, Kermit the Frog, Lang Lang and the cast and Muppets of Sesame Street, Miss U.S.A. 2008 - Crystle Stewart, Idina Menzel, PushPlay, Darius Rucker, James Taylor, Uno the 2008 Westminster Dog Show Champion, Varsity Fanclub and Andy Williams.

And mind you, she will be on board the largest float in one of America's most celebrated annual traditon aired on NBC.


Joey Ayala to Peform on 6th Munato Festival in Sarangani

WHEN I was in high school, I used to dance to the music of Joey Ayala. This year, we will be seeing him face to face as he performs for the 6th Munato Festival of Sarangani Province, November 27.

Of Joey Ayala's songs, I love most Magkaugnay, Karaniwang Tao, Tutubing Bakal, Little Brown Man, Lumad sa Siyudad, Ikaw at Ako, among others.

He has been awarded as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men of the Philippines in 1989. He was also given the Musical Intelligence Award and Benigno S Aquino, Jr. Award for Social Artistry in 2007. See More.

The name Joey Ayala is synonymous to Philippine Contemporary Pop Music.

What makes me more proud of Joey Ayala is the fact that he is from Mindanao, an outstanding alumnus of Ateneo de Davao University.

Here's what I got from YouTube:

Join us as we celebrate Munato Festival! Hope to see you here in Sarangani!

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