Forbes names Pacman #6 Highest Paid Athlete of the Year

A MULTI-MILLION earner from the third world, Manny Pacquiao is on the sixth spot in Forbes' list of the World's Highest Paid Athletes of the Year.

With a combined income of $40 million from June 2008 to June 2009, Pacman became the highest ranking newcomer in the list according to Forbes.

Like he is not yet earning enough, his earnings from boxing, commercial endorsements, and some stints on local TV are being invested in various business ventures, which, if managed properly will turn him into a business tycoon one day, if that does not sound quite too unrealistic.

Furthermore, capitalizing on his popularity, the boxer-cum-commercial endorser-cum-TV host-cum-actor-cum-businessman, Pacquiao is seen to again engage in politics--this time, is Sarangani Province, Jinky's (his wife) home province.
*Info and Photo from Forbes


Ako ang Simula Theme Song -- Music Video and Lyrics

LESS THAN a year before the 2010 Presidential Elections, ABS-CBN launched the program BOTO MO, IPATROL MO, AKO ANG SIMULA, that encourages the electorate te register at the Commission on Elections and to guard their votes by becoming BOTO PATROLERS.

ABS-CBN's program that empowers the people has been a powerful in addressing the probelms related to the 2004 midterm elections.

Now here is the music video and lyrics of the Ako ang Simula

ABS-CBN Halalan 2010

Hanggang kailan mananalangin
Hanggang kailan kakapa sa dilim
Umaasa lang sa sagip at grasya

Hanggang ganito lang ba talaga (3x)


Mulat na mata at gising na tenga
Mga daliri na nagkakaisa
Sa bawat kilos makakalampag
Siklab ng umaga magliliwanag, magliliwanag

Wag nang mahimbing sa sariling mundo
Wag nang iwaldas ang dekadang bago
Ako ang tutupad sa pangakong ito
Ako ang simula ng pagbabago, sa pagbabago


Wag nang masindak sa ingay at gulo
Wag nang mag-abang na itulak tayo
Ako ang tatapos sa pagsubok na'to
Ako ang simula ng pagbabago, sa pagbabago



Pangasinan: Siak so gapo!
Hiligaynon: Ako ang panugod!
Bicol: Ako an mapuon!
Tausug: Aku in tumagna!
Iloko: Siak iti rugi!
Chavacano: Iyo ya principia
Kapampangan: Aku ing panibatan!
Bisaya: Ako ang sinugdanan!
Tagalog: Ako ang simula!


Saan at kailan at kung paano
Ako ang tutupad sa pangakong ito
Ako ang Simula ng pagbabago
Ako ang simula

Saan at kailan at kung paano
Ako ang tatapos sa pagsubok na'to
Ako ang simula ng pagbabago
Ako ang simula, ako ang simula

According to IdiotBox:

The music video features rocker Rico Blanco, “Imago” vocalist Aia De Leon, and
“Sandwich” frontman Raimund Marasigan, who are among the country’s famous rock vocalists and popular among the Filipino youths, the main target of BMPM
movement. A hundred youths have been commissioned to be part of the music video
as well as some ABS-CBN anchors.

Lyrics are written by Ira Zabat and music composed by Mike Villegas. Aside from the song’s message, the music is like a wake-up call. It is a fusion of the BMPM signature drumbeat, rock and ethnic music. The drumbeat is intended for a call to action and the ethnic music is used to stop the Manila-centric attitude. The “Ako ang Simula” line is also spoken in various dialects.


Lyrics and Video of Note to God by Charice Pempengco

Here is Charice Pempengco's live performance of the song Note to God in Italy:

Note to God
Charice Pempengco

If I wrote a note to God
I would speak whats in my soul
I'd ask for all the hate to be swept away,
For love to overflow
If I wrote a note to God
I'd pour my heart out on each page
I'd ask for war to end
For peace to mend this world
I'd say, I'd say, I'd say

Give us the strength to make it through
Help us find love cause love is over due
And it looks like we haven't got a clue
Need some help from you
Grant us the faith to carry on
Give us hope when it seems all hope is gone
Cause it seems like so much is goin wrong
On this road we're on

If I wrote a note to God
I would say what on my mind
I'd ask for wisdom to let compassion rule this world
Until these times
If I wrote a note to God
I'd say please help us find our way
End all the bitterness, put some tenderness in our hearts
And I'd say, I'd say, I'd say

Give us the strength to make it through
Help us find love cause love is over due
And it looks like we haven't got a clue
Need some help from you
Grant us the faith to carry on
Give us hope when it seems all hope is gone
Cause it seems like so much is goin wrong
On this road we're on

No, no no no
We can't do this on our own

Give us the strength to make it through
Help us find love cause love is over due
And it looks like we haven't got a clue
Need some help from you
Grant us the faith to carry on
Give us hope when it seems all hope is gone
Cause it seems like so much is goin wrong
On this road we're on

If I wrote a note to God

This song is written by Dianne Warren and it really sounds good. I think it is a good idea that they decided to make this he album's carrier singer than Fingerprint, which she sang during the Oscar post-party (where the CD skipped).


Charice begins shoot for Alvin and the Chipmunks 2

CHARICE PEMPENGCO will appear in the Hollywood movie, Alvin and the Chipmunks 2.

According to the newspaper I've read yesterday, she will play herself and she will be in a singing contest that the Chipmunks will also participate in.

In the contest, she will sing Alicia Keys' No One.

Being in a Hollywood film is another dream come true for Charice.

(*Photo from filmpeek.net)

Here's a bonus video of Charice singing, No One on a local radio station:


Rocksteddy to Rock Kidapawan City

A FRIEND from Ayala Foundation Cotabato City visited me at school today and informed me about this Concert for a Cause topbilled by the rock band, Rocksteddy.

The concert will be on March 6, 2008 at the Roof Garden of JC Complex, Brgy.Lanao, Kidapawan City.

Tickets are availbale at Notre Dame of Kidapawan College, Caprezo Coffee Shop, and DXDM station at 150 pesos only.


Charice Pempengco Performs at the Oscar Afterparty Videos plus Lyrics of Fingerprint

ONCE AGAIN Charice Pempengco enthralled the American audience with her performance at Leeza Gibson's fund raising Oscar After Party.

Charice sang Listen, I Will Survive, and a portion of Fingerprint, a song from her upcoming album.

Here are the videos:

Here is a part of the lyrics of Fingerprint

How can I be sure
When everything is so confusing
I'm old enough to learn
That I'm too young to know what I'm doing
Gotta break free
From what used to be
It no longer makes sense for me
How do I stand out
In a world that's all about fitting in
I'm certain of my doubts
But I wouldn't be me for no reason
My identity
Right in front of me
There's nobody else I wanna be like
I'm just trying to find
Find my fingerprint

I have just wished that her album would be filled by her own songs.

By the way, I have also heard that Charice will be performing in Dubai on March 12 at Dubai Zabeel Park. Good luck to you, Charice! More power!


Gary Granada vs Kapuso Foundation

I HAVE discovered this a few days ago but I only got the chance to right about it now.

Last December, I attended a songwriting workshop in GenSan with the Maestros, Nonoy Tan, Mon del Rosario, and Tito Cayamanda. Aside from inputs on how to compose a song, these composer also gave us a peek into the songwriting business. And one interesting point discussed was plagiarism. They also emphasized how important it is for the composer to protect his rights as the owner oh his compositions.

One Filipino composer, Gary Granada, known for his catchy jingles and pithy yet playful lyrics, is in a predicament with one of the country's leading media network, GMA 7, regarding a promotional jingle for Kapuso Foundation, whose music he was commissioned to create. Unfortunately, his work wasn't accepted and the network decided to air another composer's work, which happened to be similar, in a number of ways, to the study Granada submitted.

Listen to this audio recording to hear the stody straight from Gary Granada:

And here is a transcription I found on RRLQPH

Magandang araw po, ang pangalan ko po ay Gary Granada. Ako po ay isang song
writer o composer at ang hanap-buhay ko ay gumawa ng mga jingles.

kaya ako ay kinomisyon ng GMA Kapuso Foundation na gumawa ng jingle para sa
kampanyang Threepid Handog Edukasyon ng Proctor and Gamble. Gaya ng nakasanayan
sa advertising industry binigyan nila ako ng lyrics, which I’m supposed to set
to music, na dapat ang haba ay sixty seconds. Eto po yung binigay nila:

Kung may lapis kaya kong isulat ang aking mga pangarap
Kung may
krayola kaya kong iguhit ang aking kinabukasan
Sa handog edukasyon mga gamit
pampaaralan aking makakamtan
Sa tulong mo edukasyon ko tuloy-tuloy na
Ang aking pagpupursigi hindi masasayang dahil nandiyan ka
katulong ko sa bawat hakbang

Tapos may voice over, tapos kanta ulit.

Sa handog edukasyon magandang kinabukasan aking makakamtan.

Obviously kailangang ayusin o i-edit ito para tumugma duon sa music. Ang
proseso ay ganito. Anumang revisions na gawin ko ay dapat may approval ng
client. And after several revisions, ito na yung huli kong sinubmit na study.

Kung may lapis kaya kong isulat ang pangarap
Kung may krayola kaya
kong iguhit ang bukas
Sa handog edukasyon mga gamit pampaaralan aking
Sa tulong mo pag-aaral ko magagampanan
Ang pagpupunyagi di

Sa Threepid Handog Edukasyon at GMA Kapuso Foundation, kaya
mo ring tumulong. Sa bawat threepid na bibilhin mo, makakatulong kang magbigay
ng school supplies sa isang bata.

Sa handog edukasyon magandang
Aking makakamtan

Hanapin ang threepid sa mga brands na

Mangyari ito ay hindi pumasa at pinagawa na lang sa ibang composer.
At ito naman yung lumabas na brinoadcast sa GMA network.

Kung may lapis
kaya kong isulat ang pangarap
Kung may krayola kaya kong iguhit ang bukas
Sa handog edukasyon mga gamit pampaaralan
aking makakamtan
Sa tulong
mo pag-aaral ko magagampan
Ang pagpupunyagi di masasayang

Threepid Handog Edukasyon at GMA Kapuso Foundation, kaya mo ring tumulong. Sa
bawat threepid na bibilhin mo, makakatulong kang magbigay ng school supplies sa
isang bata.

Sa handog edukasyon magandang kinabukasan

Hanapin ang threepid sa mga brands na ito.

Obviously, ginamit nila yung edited lyrics batay sa pagkasukat ko. Pero
hindi lang po yun ang isyu. Bukod sa lyrics, ginamit din nilang tuntungan ang
musical structure na ginawa ko. At ipapaliwanag ko sa inyo kung paano.

Ang musicial composition ay may tatlong basic elements.

Una, ay
yung tono. Halimbawa, sa A-B-C-D-E-F-G, ang tono ay, DO-DO-SOL-SOL-LA-LA-SOL.
Ngayon, kung gagawa ka ng kantang, ABCDEFG na ganito, A-B-C-D-E-F-G, o,
SO-LA-TI-DO-TI-LA-SOL. Hindi mo ngayon yun completely original na creation dahil
sinakyan mo lang ang pinagpaguran ng iba. At nagiging madaling gawin, precisely
because, sinukat na yung piyesa nung gumawa nung original.

Ang ikalawang
element ay tinatawag na balor ng mga nota. Halimbawa, ang mga nota ng
DO-DO-SOL-SOL-LA-LA-SOL, ay anim na magkasunod na quarter notes at isang half
note. Iba po yun kaysa halimbawa apat na magkasunod na eight notes, isang dotted
quarter note, isang eight note ulit at isang half note na ganito naman,

And finally ang ikatlong element ng musical
composition ay ang harmonic logic. Sa lay persons term ay yun yun kung saan
dumadaan ang chords at kung kailan lumilipat. Halimbawa, ang A-B-C-D-E-F-G, ay C
papuntang F tapos balik sa C. Hindi magwo-work yung ilalagay mo yung F sa huli.
A-B-C-D-E-F-G. Hindi rin magwowork kung, sa A dumaan papuntang D minor,
halimbawa, A-B-D-C-E-F-G, pero pwede yung daanan na yun kung ang kantang yun ay,
“He– answers prayers”.

At para patunayan ko sa inyo na ginawa nilang
tuntungan yung aking komposisyon, kakantahin ko yung jingle sa tono na pinagawa
nila sa iba, kasabay nung minus one na study na ginawa ko.

Kung may
lapis kaya kong isulat ang pangarap
Kung may krayola kaya kong iguhit ang
Sa handog edukasyon mga gamit pampaaralan
aking makakamtan
tulong mo pag-aaral ko magagampanan
Ang pagpupunyagi di masasayang

Sa Threepid Handog Edukasyon at GMA Kapuso Foundation, kaya mo ring
tumulong. Sa bawat threepid na bibilhin mo, makakatulong kang magbigay ng school
supplies sa isang bata.

Sa handog edukasyon
mga gamit pampaaralan
aking makakamtan…

Hanapin ang threepid sa mga brands na ito.

Think about it, yung mga parteng may kanta ay mga mga kantang twenty
eight na bara yun. Yung probability na magkaruon na magkahawig mula umpisa
hanggang dulo ay ganito. Sa bawat bara you have theoritically dozens of possible
combinations. Sabihin na lang nating dalawang possibilities na lang per bar.
That would be two times two times twenty seven times mong

The chances of that
coincidence would be one in one hundred thirty four million two hundred
seventeen thousand seven hundred twenty eight. At those odds, I think our dog
has a better chance of becoming president of god-forsaken country, since they
are throwing it to the dogs anyway.

Nagsumbong ako sa FILSCAP, yun po
yung Filipino Society of Composers, Authors(http://rllqph.wordpress.com) and
Publishers. Nagpadala ito ng sulat sa GMA, tinanong namin kung bakit di nila
ginawa yung friendly reminder namin, na kung ipagawa nila sa iba, ang ibigay
nila sa gagawa ay yung original nilang lyrics at h’wag gamitin ang ginawa kong

At kung napansin ninyong hindi gaanong maganda ang quality ng
audio nung jingle na brinodcast nila, ay kasi ni record ko lang yun galing sa TV
mismo. Paano kasi, mahigit isang buwan na akong nag re request kahit mp3 man
lang nun for reference ay di man lang ako binigyan. Nabanggit din yun sa sulat
ng FILSCAP, di man lang sinagot. Napaka-arogante.

Sa halip, ang sagot ng
GMA, ay wala akong claim dahil yun daw ginawa ko ay collective effort namin.
Siguro parang ganito, halika upo tayo at mag compose tayo collectively. Kung
ganun, eh di ibig sabihin pala, kung paano sinukat yung lyrics at music para
magkasya sa isang minuto ay collective naming ginawa yun. Yung paano pagtugmahin
yung mga letra sa mga nota ay collective naming ginawa yun. Yun kung saan dalhin
ang daloy ng harmony ay collective naming ginawa yun. At kung ganun na nga,
marami naman palang mga tao sa GMA that can collectively compose. Bakit pa nila
ako kinuha? Sa tinagal-tagal ko sa trabahong ito, nuon ko lang maranasan na mag
compose collectively.

Maalala ko yung short meeting namin na yun eh,
mahaba kasi yung lyrics kaya kailangan pang paiksiin. Halimbawa yung, aking
kinabukasan, sabi ko, ok ba sa inyo kung gawin ko na lang bukas, aking
kinabukasan, pito, pitong syllables, bukas, dalawa lang. Tatango-tango naman
yung iba. Ganun pala mag compose collectively.

Ang hindi nila
naiintidihan, kaya ko sinuggest yung bukas kasi concious ako na pasok yun duon
sa melody na naiisip ko. At kaya nga naging madali na lang gawan ng ibang tono
ng iba, kasi finormat ko na yung original lyrics mo, na magiging singable at
musical. Hindi na lang yun prose, poetry o freeverse. Ginawa ko nang musical
yung metro, bigkas at sukat ng copy mo. Kaya nga ang tawag sa inyo ay
copywriter, at ang tawag sa akin ay composer. Kasi, babalen-balentungin mo man
yang utak mo ng isang milyung beses, hindi mo ma-compose yung lyrics na yun ng

And you have the audacity to tell me that my composition is our
collective effort. In fairness to you, you have a very imaginative mind. Baka
sabihin ngayon ng mga fans ko, sir, I have a collection of your collective

Seriously, yun pong mag compose ng kanta hindi naman
siguro yun basta-basta gawin na lang ng kahit sino. Mas lalo na yung mag compose
ka ng exactly sixty seconds na kanta. Pero ang natutuhan ko sa loob ng thirty
years, minaliit ng GMA network duon din sa sagot na sulat na pirmado ni Atty.
Dick Perez na kanilang abugado. Nakalagay po duon.

These changes we’re
not made by Mr. Granada alone. One word from Mr. Granada or even three, assuming
without admitting, that all changes were made by Mr. Granada does not make the
piece his own.

Para akong sinabihan na, aangkinin mo ito eh wala ka
namang ginawa liban na palitan ang isang salita.

It did not thirty days
to finish that composition. It took me thirty years to hone the skill required
to create that composition. Ngayon ipamumukha mo sa akin na ginawa ko lang ay
palitan ko ang isang salita. At may nalalaman pa itong mga abugadong ito, na
assuming without admitting.

Unang-una po, liwanagin ko lang.
Hinding-hindi ko inaangkin yung nilabas nila sa TV. Frankly, ayoko yung mga tono
na ganun. Bakit ko naman aangkinin yun? In fact, dahil ayaw ko yung kinalabasan,
naiinis pa lalo tuloy na isiping may kinalaman pala ako duon.

Ganun pa
man, ang sinasabi ko, hindi sila makakagawa nun, kung hindi nila sinamantala ang
aking ginawa. Again, ang kini-claim ko, hindi sila makakagawa nun, hindi man ako
nagagandahan duon, o gandang-ganda man sila duon. Hindi nila magagawa yun kung
hindi nila sinamantala ang study na gawa ko.

And if we will just let GMA
Kapuso Foundation and Proctor and Gamble get away with it, that is like
applauding their arrogance and condoning stealing. And to think that GMA as
publisher, sits in the board of FILSCAP which protects the writes of composers
and lyricist. At may mga anti-piracy anti-piracy ka pa minsang kampanyang
napapalabas sa GMA.

Kung hahayaan natin ito, what is now stopping anyone
from commissioning artists in general to make studies only to reject them, make
easily done modifications out of their hard work and pass them of as entirely
new creation all together?

Ninakawan mo na yung mangagawa sa
pinagpaguran niya, dinuro-duro mo pa na wala siyang claim dahil wala naman
siyang ginawang significant.

Ha… *sigh*

Which makes me wonder?
Saan napunta ngayon yung puso sa GMA Kapuso Foundation?

Kung sa tingin
po ninyo ay tama lang na ipaglaban ito, malaking tulong kung makakagawa kayo ng
statements of support. Mahalaga rin na makakalap ng mga opinyon ng mga dalubhasa
kung kayo ay nasa literature department o creative writing center ng iyong
university o college of music, your expert opinion will help a lot.

kayo ay composer, lyricist, writer o artists in general. Please send us your
comments. Kung kayo ay abugado na dalubhasa sa mga ganitong bagay at sa tingin
ninyo ay lehitimong grievance ito, please send us your views.

Paki email
lamang po sa garygranada@yahoo.com.Thank you very much for your time.

You decide if Kapuso Foundation really did make a mistake here.

Personally, as a lover of the art, my heart goes to Gary Granada. I'm supporting his battle.

*image is from http://earthmusic.mindanaoculture.com/


Rin on the Rox -- From the Bathroom to Ellen

FILIPINOS ARE really talented. And YouTube is, well, a very powerful tool to let the while world know that. Charice Pempengco's now blossoming career started with her videos in YouTube. Recently, two Filipinas are making great waves on YouTube, raking over 2 million views for their video -- them singing inside their bathroom!

That won them a guesting an invitation to Ellen DeGeneres' show. Bravo! I hope this duo will really make it big, recording not only in their bathroom.

Pinoy Power Again. Rin on the Rox on Ellen

Rin on the Rox are Erin Paula and Roxanne. They are both talented. And yes, they're hot, too!

Here are videos of Rin on the Rox's performances:

If I Ain't Got You


And they'll sing songs you request for! Go, make a request! You might not be able to do that when they get famous. (lol)

If I Were A Boy

There's more HERE.


David Pomeranz to Serenade the South on Valentines Day

NO LESS than the popular King of Love Songs who immortalized the songs, King and Queen of Hearts, Born For You, and On This Day, among others, will serenade the people of Southern Mindanao in his valentine concert dubbed as "A Valentine's Affair with David Pomeranz" on February 14, 2009 at the Lagao Gymnasium, General Santos City.

David Pomeranz
is well-loved by Filipinos, who are natural-born romantics. He has been doing concerts in the country and even had a duet (If You Walk Away) with the Megastar Sharon Cuneta.

Here's a a sampler:

With music as enthralling as David's, I'm sure, lovers will flock to the Lagao Gymnasium. I'm sure you are now seeing yourself holding hands with your special someone while listening to Got To Believe in Magic.

Of course, it's Valentine's Day; it shouldn't end after David has performed his finale.

After the concert, wouldn't it be wonderful to stop by Coffee Club 101or Grab-a-Crab Restaurant to spend magically romantic moments with the person you love. With the food and ambiance at this posh place, I'm sure you wouldn't want the night to end.

Now, that could happen if you are lucky enough to be one of the five Mindanao Bloggers who can win a VIP Pass worth Php 1, 500 and a Gift Certficate worth Php 1,000 from Grab-a-Crab Restaurant and Coffee Club 101. Exciting isn't it? Check out GenSantos.com for details.

And oh, I don't have a date yet. Hmm...


Charice Pempengco is one of People Asia's People of the Year

THE YEAR 2008 is definitely, Charice Pempengco's year. We've all seen her rise from an amateur singer joining any singing contest she could into a world-class performer with millions of followers around the globe.

That gave her the right to rise in the ranks of former Philippine President Corazon Aquino, US Ambassador to the Philippines Kristie Kenney, among others, as one of the People of the Year by People Asia Magazine.

Here's an article written by Ricky Lo for The Philippine Star:

Charice Steals People Night

Ninety-percent of the well-heeled guests graced the People of the Year 2008 Awards Night (marking People Asia magazine’s ninth anniversary) Thursday night at the grand ballroom Sofitel Philippine Plaza went home tsk-tsking in awe over Charice who rendered three numbers after she got her plaque as one of the 10 awardees (also including, among others, Pres. Cory Aquino, Sharon Cuneta, Makati Mayor Jojo Binay, Vice Pres. Noli de Castro, Sen. Manny Villar and US Ambassador to the Philippines Kristie Kenney).

“I came not only to witness the awarding but also, more so, to watch Charice sing ‘live’,” was what many of the guests were saying.

Charice didn’t disappoint. She unleashed such a powerful voice that everybody listened with mouths agape.

“What a jaw-dropping performance,” quipped an “invited” guest. “Siguro kung may langaw dito, lahat pumasok sa bibig ng audience. Mabuti na lang wala.”

Charice stole the People night by singing first a medley of I Will Always Love You and I Have Nothing, followed by Listen which was, according to Charice, re-arranged for her by the David Foster who was quoted when he and Charice guested together on Good Morning, America, that Charice actually helped him with the re-arranging. “She’s a musical genius,” said Foster, “she can re-arrange a song so easily, as if she’s just picking a dress from the closet.”

Revealed Charice, “Mr. Foster asked me to point out kung saan ko dapat itaas ang aking key at kung saan dapat ibaba, kung saan dapat magtu-turn ang boses ko.”

In response to shouts for an encore, Charice obliged with a heart-stopping rendition of I Will Survive. The audience gave her a standing ovation.

Last night, Charice and her mom Raquel took a JAL flight to the US where she’s performing two songs, God Bless America and One Moment in Time, tomorrow, Jan. 18, in one of the pre-inaugural parties for President-Elect Barack Obama.

“I will send The STAR exclusive photos of my performance,” promised Charice. Good. That should put in place detractors who have been belittling Charice’s part in the event.

Incidentally, as Funfare reported in a “scoop” several issues ago, Charice is included in Foster’s album entitled You’re The Inspiration: The Music of David Foster & Friends which honors Foster’s colorful four-decade career. The CD/DVD features the tribute to Foster held last year in Las Vegas. Aside from Charice, also on the DVD/CD are Andrea Bocelli, Michael Bublé, Josh Groban, Celine Dion, Katharine McPhee, Blake Shelton, Kenny G, Peter Cetera and Brian McKnight. It’s available in record bars at P550 apiece.

Keep on soaring high, Charice!

Here are bonus videos:

Charice One of People Asia's People of the Year

Charice Pempengco to sing for Barack Obama in his Inauguration

CHARICE PEMPENGCO has just been elevated into higher status as she sings for Barack Obama in his inauguration as US President on January 18, 2008 at the Grand Hyatt Washington Hotel.

Charice will sing "God Bless America" and Whitney Houston's "One Moment in Time."

If you have followed Charice's success, you should have known that her career picked up speed when she got noticed by American talk shows through her performances uploaded on YouTube. So, she made it from YouTube to Washington, so to speak.

Charice's career is handled by Oprah Winfrey. It's an amazing pairing of the world's most influential woman and the world's most talented girl.

Watch out for videos of Charice Pempengco's performace for Obama.

Meanwhile, here's a bonus video:

Charice sings "Through The Fire" with Zsa Zsa Padilla and Nina on ASAP


Manny Pacquiao and Sylvester Stallone to make a movie?


We've been quite used with Filipinos mixing up whatever they excel in with Politics and Showbiz. You know, when people become famous in any field, expect him to either go in show business or run for a position in the government. We've seen Manny Pacquiao do both. And yes, he is into other businesses, too.

According to the news, he's is about to make a movie with Sylvester Stallone who portrayed the boxer Rocky Balboa in movies.

Here's an image from winwab.com:

You might be expecting it to be bloody as the sport that links the two. But in article written by Abac Cordero the movie will be most likely like Rush Hour which stars Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. Pacman can well be funny. But I dunno. He's been in local movies and TV shows. Just wish he can pull off a good performance in this much talked-about movie.

Watch out for Manny Pacquiao and Sylvester Stallone Movie.


Love Me Again (Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin) and other Pinoy love stories to hit the movies this 2009

WIDELY ACCEPTED in it's premiere abroad, Star Cinema's Love Me Again (Land Down Under) starring Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin will be shown in Philippine Theatres on January 15, 2008 and is expected to be one of this year's early blockbusters.

The movie was directed by Rory B. Quintos.

Love Me Again Full Trailer

Love Me Again Movie Synopsis

from angellocsingallery.info:

The heart of the movie lies in the story of Arah (Angel Locsin), who goes to the Land Down Under for the sake of her family and her dreams, and Migo (Piolo Pascual), who would go to the ends of the earth to follow her.

Migo returns to Bukidnon’s lush pasture lands and magnificent rolling hills after working in Manila for several years. He is reclaiming the ranch that his family had lost after his father’s death.

At the famous Kaamulan festival of the province, Migo chances upon his first love, Arah, the beautiful and fearless rodeo queen of Bukidnon. He falls in love with her all over again and resolves to win back her heart.

But Arah is already engaged to Brian Sullivan, an Australian rancher. Being the eldest daughter of a poor cowboy, she feels compelled to accept the foreigner’s offer of marriage in order to give her family a better life, no matter how much she still loves Migo.

Arah leaves for a vast and lonely Australian ranch with a group of other Filipino cowboys who have been hired to work there. Arah thinks it's all over between her and her great love, but two years later, Migo arrives in Australia to work as a cowboy and, more importantly, to get Arah back..

Can their love bloom again in the dry landscape of the Outback? Will Migo be able to reclaim the love he has lost or will he learn to let Arah go and start anew? How far will Migo be willing to go for love?

John Lloyd & Sarah Geronimo vs Richard Guttierez & KC Concepcion

Also coming up are two other love stories that feature two blockbuster loveteams, John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo in a sequel of A Very Special Love and Richard Guttierez and KC Concepcion with When I Met You. Which one will you watch? Hmm... I'm gonna watch all and compare.

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