ASAP XV July 27: Arnel Pineda shows Jovit Baldivino how to sing Journey's Faithfully

JOVIT BALDIVINO sings duet with Journey vocalist Arnel Pineda on ASAP XV, yesterday, July 27. The two world-class Pinoy artists sang Faithfully by Journey.

The two singers have been compared since Jovit's audition on Pinoy Got Talent, where he sang Faithfully, was aired. Their fans all waited for their performance on ASAP XV. And finally, it happened yesterday.

Although a lot of people think they sing alike, their performance in last Sunday's episode of ASAP showed that the two are unique. Jovit's voice is thicker and huskier while Arnel's is thinner and smoother. In the video below, you could see how Arnel gave his best and how amazed Jovit was.

Jovit Baldivino and Arnel Pineda sing Faithfully on ASAP XV


Charice on Glee, the hit TV Series

CHARICE has finally confirmed it in Twitter that she's getting a role in the second season of the hit musical TV series, Glee. It has also been confirmed on Entertainment Tonight.

According to the news, she is going to take the role of an exchange student whose vocal prowess will threaten Glee's lead role, Rachel Berry.

I have seen all the episodes of Glee and I could see that Charice would easily fit in. The TV series Glee already has talented Asians and Blacks on the show. With Charice on Glee, the show will have more and more followers as Charice herself has amazed a large group of people with her performances.

Charice denied the rumors at first but later on, she confirmed it herself.

Good luck, Charice! I know, you'll make it big on Glee! I'm sure, you will be another interesting character in the series. We will all be waiting what Charice can do on Glee.


Jovit Baldivino is the first Pinoy Got Talent (PGT) Champion

THE FIRST Pinoy Got Talent (PGT) Grand Winner has been announced. With a very wide margin from the next competitor, sixteen-year-old Jovit Baldevino was voted last night to be the very first Pinoy Got Talent grand winner.

For two nights in a row, the Araneta Coliseum was filled with avid supporters of the 12 grand finalists. But the audience roared the loudest when Jovit Baldevino performed Too Much Love will Kill You by Queen.

Jovit Baldevino sings Too Much Love will Kill You

His first video on YouTube, where he sang Faithfully by Journey as an audition piece for PGT earned over a million viewers all over the world. His performance of Carrie by Europe was also watched by so many people.

From his humble beginnings selling siomai in Batangas, Jovit Baldevino has risen to fame. Winning 2-million pesos and the hearts of Filipinos, Jovit is certainly bound for success. Congratulations to Jovit Baldevino for being the first Pinoy Got Talent (PGT) grand winner.

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