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I CREATED this blog to recognize world class Pinoys and world class acts that involve talented Filipinos. This time, allow me to talk about a foreigner from Albuquerque, New Mexico, who is growing a Pinoy in him day after day, and who will soon amaze the world with his road trip around the Philippines on a motorcycle. Ladies and gentlemen, make way for Jeremy's Motour.

The online show, Jeremy's Motour, will start airing on January 2012, but as early as now, Jeremy has been creating a buzz online (and on National TV) with his videos.

Jeremy works for a non-government organization, Hope Flows, and he helps build water systems for poor schools in Sarangani. On the side, he makes friends with the locals, travels to different places of interest here, and nurtures the Pinoy inside him. We even call him a Pinoy albino.

Jeremy's Guide to Being More Pinoy

In this video, Jeremy tells his viewers about the expressions he has learned for the first six months of his stay in the Philippines:

In this one, Jeremy shares his CRAZY search to find a Balut.

Just recently, he went to Cotabato City with us, SoCCSKSarGen Bloggers, and in the video that follows, he tells his viewers how it feels being in Cotabato City. With this video I hope Cotabato City's bad reputation will start fading off the scene.

Jeremy, congratulations for everything that you have achieved so far and best of luck to your show, Jeremy's Motour.

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Twitter: @jeremysmith9
Facebook: http://facebook.com/jeremysmotour

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