Runaway by Zendee Official Lyric Video

YOUTUBE SENSATION from GenSan, Zendee Rose Tenerefe, who gained popularity online as Random Girl has just released the official lyric video of her single, Runaway, under Warner Music.

Lyric Video of Runaway by Zendee

I think Runaway is about the dilemma of a girl who just went out of a relationship, maybe, and is trying to forget the guy. No matter how hard she tries, she finds out that there is really no way to runaway.
Everywhere she looks, she sees the guy. Everywhere she goes, she feels his presence.

Isn't it always like that when you are trying to forget someone who has been so important to you? So, everyone can relate to this song.

Vocally, there is no question that Zendee is amazing. However, I just find some parts of the song, distracting. I dunno, I just don't feel that the song plays smoothly from start to finish. There is something about the editing that bothers me. This record makes me think, Zendee is best heard live. :) Overall, it's a nice song. Congratulations, Zendee! Don't Runaway from your dreams. Soar even higher!

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