Aldrich Talonding and James Bucong appears on Ellen DeGeneres's Show

FINALLY THE long wait is over. I have finally seen the video of Aldrich and James's guesting on Ellen DeGeneres' show.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that Aldrich Taloding and James Bucong are the YouTube and Facebook sensations from GenSan (General Santos City, Philippines) whose video of their rendition of Dance With My Father, popularized by Luther Vandross, became an online, garnering over 3 million views (as of this posting) on YouTube alone in a span of one week. The video also became a big hit various pages on Facebook.

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After that, they have appeared on various TV shows in the Philippines, especially TV5, which they gave exclusive rights to interview them for reasons that Aldrich was experiencing stress after the whirlwind of events that took place after they became famous. Aldrich's father died while the duo was making waves in online networking sites and various media organizations.

Here's the video of their recent appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show:

The episode was aired in the Philippines just this Friday, September 13 on 2nd Avenue.

Aldrich and James performed the song that made them famous, Dance With My Father in an awe-inspiring number.

What is more awesome about their guesting is their very good English, especially Aldrich. They also appeared naturally confident even making Ellen and the audience laugh.

I also saw my schoolmate and Aldrich's sister, Sharla, in the video.

Ellen gave Aldrich and James a keyboard and an electric guitar and handed them a $10,000 check.

Aldrich and James's appearance on Ellen is the second time for a General (as people from GenSan fondly call themselves) to be Ellen's guest. Zendee Rose Tenerife a.k.a. Random Girl was the first.

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Congratulations, Aldrich and James! More power to you. Continue inspiring us and those within your influence. God bless you!

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