MusikaCentral Interviews: Abra Live in GenSan

MusikaCentral was lucky to have been given the chance to interview Abra before the start of his concert in GenSan with other rappers and artists like Loonie, Ron Henley, DJ Buddha, MJ Cayabyab and Cliff Hogan (a.k.a. Justin Bieber of the Philippines).

Abra was so kind to grant us an interview. He gladly answered the questions I asked him. And, well, he was generous with his answers.

Here's the video of my interview with Abra:

Asked about the difference between being an underground songwriter before and now that he has joined the mainstream music industry, he said that the audience now is bigger. In terms of the quality of the songs, he said that there is no pressure about what he should write about. He said that once you write a song, it has to come from the heart. "Pag hindi galing sa puso, mararamdaman naman ng audience 'yun eh." (When it's not coming from your heart, the audience will feel it, too.)

At the backstage, Abra looked so innocent and so calm -- far different from his personality once he stepped on the stage and heard the scream of his fans. Abra is a passionate performer. Abra's fans went wild the moment he appeared on stage, so much wilder than the other performers' turn.

MusikaCentral wishes Abra more success in his career and we are looking forward to Abra's coming back in GenSan.

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