Pinoy Idol on GMA-7

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Do you remember when GMA-7 changed the title of its show Pinoy Pop Idol to Pinoy Pop Superstar?

That was when ABC-5 was about to air the not-so-phenomenal Philippine Idol, the local version of the worldwide hit, American Idol.

But now, GMA-7 has already aquired the Idol brand from Fremantle, hence, the show Pinoy Idol is about to come to life.

The biggest question is, "Will GMA-7 make it Phenomenal This Time?"

Discussions abound on the net but probably, it will become a hit to the masses like many of GMA-7 shows.

First, Idol has already a big following in the Philippines even if the Philippine Idol was a flunker in the ratings. These fans will probably shift to GMA-7 to watch the show.

Second, GMA-7 has a wider reach compared to ABC-5.

Third, GMA-7 is quite aggressive, as usual, in promoting the show, backed by its drive to be the number TV network all over the country. Here is on the show's teasers:

The problem with the show is that it cannot be called the 2nd Season of the PI because ABC-5 still owns Philippine Idol, which is why GMA-7 named the show Pinoy Idol. Mau Marcelo, therefore is left to become the first and probably the last Philippine Idol. The rest, if GMA-7 will be successful, will be Pinoy Idols.

The show will be definitely be different from Philippine Idol.

First, Ryan Agoncillo will no longer be the host. Raymond Guttierez is rumored to host the show because PI host Ryan Agoncillo's contract with the rival network, ABS-CBN, restricts him from working with GMA-7.]

Second, Ryan Cayabyab will no longer be part of PI since he is the new Headmaster of Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 on ABS-CBN.

The first season of Pinoy Dream Academy had successfully beaten Philippine Idol. This time, for sure, the TV ratings game will again be exciting as Pinoy Idol competes with Pinoy Dream Academy.

However, many people are thinking that the success of a talent search is not measured by the ratings it gets during its airing but on the quality or the level of stardom achieved by its product.

I hope these talent searches will really discover real Filipino music artists and add more life to the Philippine music industry.

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