Ramiele Malubay, a Filipina on the American Idol 7

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AFTER THE successful attempt of Jasmine Trias to be one in the Top 3 of the American Idol in 2004, another Filipina, Ramiele Malubay, 20, representing Florida, now tries her luck at being the 7th American Idol.

Ramiele's audition earned praises from the jurors. In fact, towards the end of this video, you would see Paula Abdul grooving to Ramiele's singing. Her prowess is compared to that of Aretha Franklin. And to many, to which I agree, she is a real hottie. All these might make Americal Idol followed glued on to news about the contest, and those who are not really followers of AI become interested.

So far, not much has been written about this talented lass of our blood. In a few days, she might be featured in local tv already and we would know of her roots.

What is good about this girl is she is proud of her being a Filipino. If you check her profile on the AI site, you would read that Lani Misalocha (should have been Misalucha) and Regine Velasquez are two of her musical influences.

A lot of people are saying that she's prettier and a better singer than Jasmine Trias. I hope this year, Ramiele would also do better than Jasmine. That is, being the 7th Americal Idol.

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