Earth Day Jam 2008 and The Issue About Its Poster


DID THE Earth Day Jam 2008 stole somebody's work on DeviantART for the show's poster?

That's the issue I snorted over at blog.edarevalo.net regarding the poster of the concert to be staged on April 25 dubbed, Earth Day Jam 2008 in celebration of EarthDay08.

Earth Day Jam 2008 features, among others, performers favored by a great score of us, Barbie Almalbis, Brownman Revival, Callalily, Imago, KJwan, Moonstar ‘88 , Noel Cabangon, Radioactive Sago Project, Rivermaya, Sandwich, Sinosikat, South Border, The Company, The Philippine Latin-Jazz Orchestra, True Faith, and Up Dharma Down.

This is the poster in question. It is said that Earth Day Jam organizers used the photo without permission from SlumberDollStock's account on DeviantART and covered the head with a globe.

This link, might make things clearer at the moment: http://slumberdollstock.deviantart.com/journal/17873183/?offset=50#comments
My two cents on the issue: Once you put something over the net, it can't be helped that somebody might just find some use for it. You only cling to the person's sense of ethics to recognize you as the creator of one particular work. In this case, the organizers--in their excitement, maybe--failed to ask permission to use SlumberDollStock's photo for the poster. But it can be settled, of course.
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4 Response to Earth Day Jam 2008 and The Issue About Its Poster

9:32 AM

Just to make this clear to everyone and to avoid for some, my blog is out of this issue. The issue is just between the owner of the photo and the event organizers or the poster's designer. Thank you. =)

6:09 AM

Opo. That is clear. Thanks.

10:44 PM

"In their excitement"? More like in their laziness.

6:05 PM

Haha. You must be right, Mike!

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