Is Richard Gutierrez Doing Good on Pinoy Idol?

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*It's Raymond, not Richard, stupid! Haha.


IT HAS been three weeks since Pinoy Idol started airing on GMA-7. Everybody is excited to know the finalists. But other than that, Richard Raymond Gutierrez's performance as host is being questioned in blogs and forums around. Is he doing well?

You judge fro these videos:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

I thinks he is good but I also think he needs more charisma. There seem to be a weak connection between him as the host and the viewers. But we will see in the coming episodes, he might improve or people might learn to like him.

As I see it, it's more like the judges are not doing well. Haha. Ogie and Jolina looks as if they are confused about what they really like. We'll see of them in the near future.
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2 Response to Is Richard Gutierrez Doing Good on Pinoy Idol?

9:37 AM

It's Raymond Gutierrez not Richard. :)

6:51 PM

Yeah, it's raymond. Haha

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