Sara Geronimo Shouldn't Be Insecure With Charisse Pempengco

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ON THE primetime news on ABS-CBN today, the anchors mentioned as teaser Sarah Geronimo being insecure with Charisse Pempengco. But I don't think the former has to be insecure with the latter for a few reasons.

Sarah Geronimo herself is already as established pop star. She was able to work her way to fame through her talent. She already had sold-out concerts here and abroad, multi-platinum album, top-rating soap opera, good movie roles, hosting stints, and, recently, image modelling for a clothing company.

Although at the moment Charisse leads in Google Searches and YouTube viewership, the singing prowess of Sarah cannot be discounted. It is just that Charisse has already become this famous as young as she is today. Their singing styles might be different but we all would agree that singing, being an art, is subjective. So, some might actually think that one of them is better than the other. In that case, I should say, they are not supposed to be compared with each other but rather be celebrated as Filipino talents who continue to entertain us and to bring pride to our country.

Two thumbs up for Sarah Geronimo and Charisse Pempengco.

* We should all watch out: ASAP '08 might be staging a showdown between the two.
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