ABS-CBN's 'The Singing Bee' Lacks Excitement

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I AM not surprised with how the first three episodes of The Singing Bee turned out. For me, it's just but an extravagant waste of a production.

First off, Ceasar Montano, great might he be in acting and making movies, he simply failed to entertain me with his hosting. He's so bland on the stage and it seems to me that he has no presence of mind and spontaniety--two of the charactersitics of a good host. Everything he does seems so choreographed. He doesn't look happy or comfortable at all. And that doesn't make me happy or comfortable either. Maybe, the management of the Kapamilya network just wanted to keep Montano busy, else, he'll be crossing the border to the rival station. That's just a thought. I don't see that Cesar Montano is the right man for the job. Have you seen how awkward he looks, doing the bee hand movement?

Secondly, the stage is filled with uncessary elements. The set is too maximalistic that it offsets what the people are supposed to watch. Honestly, all I see is clutter.

There is also nothing exciting about their mechanics. They should do something about it. They're wasting the people's (prime) time watching silly contestants playing a silly game.
Here's a video, in case you haven't seen an episode yet:

If you are watching All Start K of GMA-7, I'm sure you will have something to say.

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