PBB Teen Edition Plus: Priscilla’s Out, Who’s Next?

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“Pris is finally out! Haha.” That was the text message that woke me up from my deep sleep Saturday night. It came from a friend who really hates Priscilla because of her Tupperware character.

I could still remember how my friend loved Priscilla during the early days of the show. But when events inside Kuya’s house revealed Priscilla’s true character, she kept on prodding me to vote for the other nominees so that Pris will finally be evicted.

My friend is just one of the many Pinoys who were pissed off with how Priscilla seemed to have changed her behavior last week. But I appreciate it. Instead of hating Priscilla what happened made me appreciate her better. But the voting public had already made a choice and turned a deaf ear to the Deaf Dreamer’s dream.

The 7th Nomination has already been held. And it ended up with Rona and Robi on the brink of eviction. My friend can't decide now because she loves both Robi and Rona. She likes Robi because she believes he is ideal. She loves Rona because of her maturity.

Now, whom will you save: Robi or Rona?

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