American Idol: A Tale of Two Davids

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During the first episodes of the American Idol I already had the feeling that it would be the two Davids who will duel for the title. And I was right. It's amusing.

Between the two Davids, it's David Cook, as you know, won the title, American Idol. Here are videos of his performance of the song, World I Know and Dream Big:

Just for camprison, you might want to listen to David Archuleta's rendition of In This Moment and Imagine:

After examining these videos, you can have your conclusion as to who really deserves to win. I can only agree with one of the comments on Youtube saying that David Archuleta is the better singer but there's no way America would vote for a cute 17 year-old male.

The two Davids are really talented singers but America loved David Cook more. But I'm sure both of them would have great careers ahead of them.

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