Taiwanese Drama Series, Romantic Princess Soon on ABS-CBN

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AFTER HANA Kimi D'Original, drama series another drama series that is based on a Manga series will soon hit the Philippine Television on ABS-CBN.

The upcoming show is called Romantic Princess or Gong Zhu Xiao Mei in Chinese. It is based on the Japanese shoujo manga "Romance Godan Katsuyou" or "Four Steps to Romance."

Romantic Princess is about an heiress who happened to be adopted by a middle class family, and who, after a twist of events found her real family.

A teaser now airs on ABS-CBN, which uses I'm Yours by Jason Mraz as its sound track.

I'll be watching out for this show.

With Information from DramaWiki.

Experience a glimpse of romance in Romantic Princess in this video:

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4 Response to Taiwanese Drama Series, Romantic Princess Soon on ABS-CBN

9:37 PM

what's the song playin in the videO?

10:24 PM

I think it's Wo Lian Ai Le by Angela Zhang. :D

9:25 PM

what tittle po nung song sa RPrincess ung english. . ung my lyrics na I open up my eyes

12:45 AM

Yung I'my Yours by Jason Mraz siguro ang ibig mong sabihin... may link dito...


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