A Messy Start for Pinoy Dream Academy

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EVERYTHING WAS a mess on the Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 opening night. Not surprisingly, the one who made the most mess is the international star, himself, Billy Joe Crawford, who, it turns out, has the talent of talking to himself.

The routine was Billy and Toni Gonzaga taking turns in introducing the scholars and escorting them through the ugly and too narrow pathway to the academy, where at the gate, Nikki Gil waits with the relatives or friends of the scholars. There were too many awkward moments as they did that. The asking of too many cliche questions as they walked towards the academy was very trivial. Was it necessary? It also showed how inexperienced Billy was in hosting the PBB or PDA way.

By the way, here's a video of the opening number:

I also object the inclusion of that Bea and Jovannie in the list of scholars. They didn't perform well in the auditions and even during the opening night. Those in the waitlist were even better singers than them.

Good luck to PDA. I think there's no way it's gonna beat Pinoy Idol this time. I used to think Raymond's hosting was crap until I witnessed how the dream hosts, as they are called, hosted the opening night. First impressions usually last.
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4 Response to A Messy Start for Pinoy Dream Academy

11:35 PM

i think PDA will be (and by far) better in more ways than one than PI. well billy did a screw-up, but so is raymund (and the PI judges). but then again they can recover. talk about ugly, i think the set of PI is no different form what you have described from PDA as ugly. one thing is for sure, PDA is already proven (so is PI, reminiscent of Philippine Idol-not so much dynamic knowing that they are in accordance to the idol franchise standards which is basically a popularity contest)
just dropped by to make a comment on your comment.

2:03 AM

Pinoy Idol is moving to a new set. They are expecting that the set will improve. The PDA concert hall looks good. I didn't say it was ugly. What was ugly was the path to the house, where they had to pass through.

I loved PDA last year. I'm not sure if I'm gonna feel the same way this year because I have seen lots of irregularities.

1:55 PM

I disagree. PDA is still better than PI. Even SIAM or SFTSIAM's way better.

Grabe. Dismaying ang PI.

8:42 PM

PDA did some mistakes, but if you compare it to pinoy idol ( the biggest and ugliest mistake in asian television)...pinoy dream academy would come out, looking like God's gift to music,...

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