Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus BIG FOUR chosen

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THE PINOY Big Brother Teen Edition Plus Big Four has just been determined and now, we will be choosing the teen housemate whom we want to be this season's Big Winner.

Who among Robi, Nicole, Beauty, and Ejay will be the PBB Teen Edition Plus Big Winner?


The result of our own poll here on Musika Central proved to be consistent with the result on TV. The Musika Central poll results are as follows:

  • 72 % of voters chose Robi

  • 54% chose Ejay

  • 42 % thinks Beauty and Nicole should be part of the Big Four

  • 40% believes in Alex

You see, the figures do not add up to 100% because voters were allowed to make multiple votes. The percentage refers to the chances that the housemate is chosen by the voters.

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