Laarni Losala is My Star Scholar on Pinoy Dream Academy

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I DIDN'T like Laarni Losala when Pinoy Dream first aired. Although she has the talent, I didn't find her attractive. In the first few days inside the academy, I also found her as an immature person who needed attention.

But later on everything changed. I now understand why she acts like she does. I believe that there are lots of things in her life that she couldn't understand. For being herself, I think she adds more color to the academy.

She has real talent and I believe it will take her far.

Media Performance Mentor Direk Joey Reyes said in an Inquirer article that they are looking for unique talents and not another Gary V or Regine Velasquez. In other words, they are not only looking for someone who can sing well but one who also has the so-called x-factor.

Here's a video of Laarni Losala singing Barbara Streissand's If We Never Said Goodbye:

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2 Response to Laarni Losala is My Star Scholar on Pinoy Dream Academy

12:17 AM

pareho tayo ng observation. nakakainis siya noong una as in. pero when she opened up nag iba na. at napakalaki ng pagbabago niya. ganyan ang gusto ko. hindi star quality sa umpisa pero malaki ang transformation. nakakagulat ang dating.

12:48 AM

Okay talaga si Laarni. Kelangan niya lang ng matinding personality development training.

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