Laarni scares Leizel on Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2

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IT'S SURELY gonna be another exciting gala performance on Saturday because it's the Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 Showstopper Week, where the scholars will sing showstopper songs and will compete one-on-one with another scholar.

That means one from each of the five pairs will compose the bottom five, who will be next week's probationary scholars. The pairing are as follows:

Laarni versus Liezel
Bugoy vesus Apple
versus Cris
Van versus Sen
Miguel versus Iñaki
verus Everyone

Watch this video of Laarni's Birit power and whoever's not scared, raise your hands:

Uploaded on YouTube by dlightshines

If Liezel gets a grade lower than that of Laarni, she will automatically become a probationary scholar. Liezel really fears being put under probation. Exciting di ba?

Poy is competing with everyone as part of the challenge. If ever Poy will be this week's star scholar, she will get P 50, 000.00, which will be deducted from the PDA Season 2 winners' pot money.

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2 Response to Laarni scares Leizel on Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2

8:12 AM

pangit ang result ng 7th gala night... tinalo ni liezl si laarni? 9 something ang score nung taga-dubai samantalang flat 8 ang score ni laarni.... performance wise, i would vote laarni over liezl.

4:35 AM

Yeah, I agree with you, roland.

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