Bea Alonzo is Betty La Fea

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THE GORGEOUS Bea Alonzo transforms into an ugly but intelligent woman working in a fashion design comapany, Eco Moda, for yet another Pinoy remake of an international drama series, i ♥ Betty la fea (pronounced I Love Betty La Fea) on ABS-CBN.

The new drama series is based on the Colombian drama series, Yo Soy Betty La Fea (I am Betty the Ugly), which was also franchised in the US with the TV drama Ugly Betty.

What's good about this Pinoy version is that Bea really looks like Betty of the original drama series, which was shown here few years ago. I'm really wathcing out for this show.

i ♥ Betty la fea is top-billed by big names in the Philippine showbiz industry. Here's the list of the show's cast from wikipedia:

Bea Alonzo as Beatriz Pengson / Betty
Piolo Pascual John Lloyd Cruz as Armando Solis
Ruffa Gutierrez as Daniela Valencia[1]
Vhong Navarro as Nicolas Mora[2]
Ai Ai delas Alas as Julia Pengson
Sam Concepcion as Andrew Pengson
Ronaldo Valdez as Hermes Pengson
Megan Young as Marcela
Wendy Valdez as Patricia
Joem Bascon as Mario
Randolf Stamatelaky as Randy
Ronnie Liang as Enrique
Thou Reyes as Hugo
Marvin Yap as Bart
Lloyd Zaragoza as Roman
Sheryn Regis as Kylie
Meryll Soriano as Rose
Krystel Moreno as Jen
Arlene Tolibas as Cely
CJ Jaravata as Lita
Sammy Villaresis as Caloy
Jojo Alejar as Mac Olarte[3]
Jayson Gainza as Adolfo
Nan Clenuar as Mickey
Bam Romana as Donald
Alessandra De Rossi [4]
John Prats [5]

Here's the show's full trailer:

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