Oh No, Kid Camaya's Booted Out on Pinoy Idol


I HAVE no reason now really to follow what's going on in Pinoy Idol. I only watched Pinoy Idol because of Kid Camaya who is a fellow AYLC alumnus. Now that he's booted out, I can announce to the whole world how crappy the show is.

Here is a video of Kid Camaya's performance on their Greatest Performance of My Life night. He soulfully sang Careless Whisper:

Darryl Celis also got kicked out. So many people were pissed off by this. The more talented ones on the show were voted off. I think it's no longer a competition. Ram Chavez will surely win this time. Whatever.

I don't think that Pinoy Idol measures up to the standards of the Idol franchise. From the judges, the host, the set, and the results, everything about it is so crappy. I think it was reduced to a mere Pinoy Pop Superstar. I'm just sad about the talented contestants who aimed for popularity. They should have joined other REAL competitions that will give them what they deserve.

Watch the full episode HERE.
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2 Response to Oh No, Kid Camaya's Booted Out on Pinoy Idol

6:29 AM

your wrong in every way, Pinoy Idol is not a crappy show, Kid and Daryl should deserves to be booted out long ago, because some of their past performances is so ugly, and yet they didn't get eliminated, they should be eliminated long time ago.

7:02 PM

anonymous, have you also thought that that Gretchen and Jayann should have been out of the competition long before? They always look nervous and they never sang their pieces well. Btw, I respect your opinion. It's just that I really found the show crappy now.

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