Pokwang, not Aswang -- Willie Revillame defends co-host on Wowowee

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AFTER THE bad joke that Eat Bulaga host Joey de Leon threw against Pokwang of Wowowee, Willie Revillame finally expressed his sentiments in support to the lady co-host, whose family is said to have already been suffering from mockery due to de Leon's ill-considered joke.

In his speech, he mentioned the hardships Pokwang went through before she became a popular comedienne in the country. Here is a video from youtube:

This is not the first time that conflict arose between the hosts of two competing noontime shows. From time to time, they throw bitter statements at each other, which may be due to the ratings game.

If you have missed the happenings, here's a video of Joey de Leon's joke:

As for me, we all really have to be careful about we say as media personalities. We are talking to varied audiences, thus, we get varied connotations everytime. We can make jokes about people we are working with, making the subject understand why is it being done. For Bubble Gang peeps, for example, they are making funny jokes about the appearances of their cast because they know that people enjoy it. The cast understands that because they know that it helps glue their audience on the show and that it is necessary to do it.

On Joey de Leon against Pokwang, on the other hand, is another story. Joey de Leon crossed the border so he has to expect a negative reaction. It insinuates battle against personalities because it would appear as a tirade against the show (Wowowee) as whole, because they are in different camps.

That's all. A lesson learned here.
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