Rin on the Rox -- From the Bathroom to Ellen

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FILIPINOS ARE really talented. And YouTube is, well, a very powerful tool to let the while world know that. Charice Pempengco's now blossoming career started with her videos in YouTube. Recently, two Filipinas are making great waves on YouTube, raking over 2 million views for their video -- them singing inside their bathroom!

That won them a guesting an invitation to Ellen DeGeneres' show. Bravo! I hope this duo will really make it big, recording not only in their bathroom.

Pinoy Power Again. Rin on the Rox on Ellen

Rin on the Rox are Erin Paula and Roxanne. They are both talented. And yes, they're hot, too!

Here are videos of Rin on the Rox's performances:

If I Ain't Got You


And they'll sing songs you request for! Go, make a request! You might not be able to do that when they get famous. (lol)

If I Were A Boy

There's more HERE.

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2 Response to Rin on the Rox -- From the Bathroom to Ellen

6:18 PM

oh, i didn't know they were featured on Ellen DeGeneres' show. they're both great and hot! haha.

6:20 PM

i love their if i were a boy.

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