Be the Star in Your Own Hollywood Movie with Yoostar


DON'T DENY it; you secretly dream to play James Bond or to be in the news with prominent people like the President.

That dream can now be a reality. Uhm, virtual reality, to be specific, with Yoostar technology.

Yoostar gives you the chance the play the role of your favorite actors on the big screen with a technology that you can easily set up in your homes. After a few takes, poof, you're in a Hollywood movie!

You must be familiar with the chroma-key technique, where a video of the actor is taken on a green background, which will be replaced another scene, such that the actor is performing in a totally different setup and in a studio.

Yoostar operates in a similar fashion. You download a particular clip from Yoostar website and you can start recording your own video. You will be guided with a specially programmed software from Yoostar. Your best shot can then be integrated into the original video and you have just created your homemade Hollywood movie!

You can then share your movie to the world. Who knows, James Cameroon or Steven Spielberg might be watching! You could be the next action star in a real Hollywood movie. In the meantime, perfect your Yoostar performance first and get high rating from the Yoostar user community. 

Here's a video tutorial I got on YouTube on how to star in your own Hollywood movie with Yoostar. Enjoy!

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