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SURE AS hell, there are millions of Pinoy Animé lovers out there who would love to see our own animé productions.

There have been attempts like Urduja and Dayo on the big screen and Super Inggo at ang Super Tropa on TV. Although I could see that the quality of these productions are good enough, stilll they don't match the popularity of Naruto and Bleach anime.

Super Inggo at ang Super Tropa had been praised by many. Super Inggo at ang super Tropa is based on Super Inggo, an International Emmy-nominated fantaserye aired on the Philippine television network ABS-CBN. It's main character is Budong, the human form of Super Inggo. Budong is a super hero under training. It features characters, which are based on local folklore.

The animé is one that I could say is promising.

The animé lovers in the country hold a number of cosplays and animé conventions. I hope that in one of these events, they would highlight our local animé to help create a buzz and encourage producers to harness exceptional talents of Pinoy animators in coming up with world-class Pinoy animé.

The Animation Guild of the Philippines is planning to hold the Pinoy Ako - Animé Konbensyon in April at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. I wish that the organizers would put the spotlight on local animé.

I'm hoping to see the day that anime on Animax Asia is dominated by Pinoy productions. I think that would be possible.
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