Christian Bautista's 'Constant Change' Concert comes to GenSan


EVEN AS a kid, I have always loved music.

My brother used to run a KTV bar, just beside our house. When there weren’t many customers, we would take turns singing songs—played on the VHS player then, so you wouldn’t have much song choices; you get to sing what’s in the tape. He’s got a collection of Standard English and OPM tapes, which we would to sing over and over again until I could almost memorize the songs.

I was just six then and the employees of the nearby SOCOTECO II sub-office, who used to chill out at my brother’s place every afternoon, were quite amazed and they would ask me to sing for them. They would choose OPM and one of their favorites was Jose Mari Chan’s Constant Change. Now that I haven’t sung it for ages and don’t hear it played frequently on the radio anymore, I could hardly remember the right lyrics but definitely, the melody is immortal.

You know that a song is a good one if it could stand the test of time and if it is worth recording again. A very talented composer and lyricist, Jose Mari Chan has written plenty of beautiful songs, which current Asian Pop Prince Christian Bautista brought closer to the hearts of the younger generation all over Asia. And did Christian give justice to Chan’s music!

Although he landed only 2nd runner-up in the first Star in a Million talent search on ABS-CBN in 2003, Christian Bautista made it big in the music scene. Modesty aside, in terms of popularity and number of followers, he has achieved even bigger than the grand winner. Thanks to his sweet voice and enchanting charm that swept ladies in the Southeast Asian region off their feet.

This weekend, Christian is going to serenade the southerners with Chan’s music. Christian Bautista is going to have a concert at the Lagao Gymnasium on April 23, 2010. The “Christian Bautista’s 'Constant Change' GenSan Concert” sponsored by Drumbeat Ventures, Starbright Office Depot, Vertical Builders, DGO Depot and the Office of the City Mayor of GenSan.

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10:25 AM

see you sa concert =)

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