Charice on Glee: Did Charice get Botox Treatment for Glee?

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THERE'S SOME hullabaloo on the worldwide web today following reports on Charice's going through Botox Treatment in preparation for her role on the hit musical TV series Glee.

Cosmetic surgeon of Philippine celebrities, Dr. Vicki Belo, reportedly did the botox procedure, which sources say was to make her face narrower.

On 24-Oras' Chika Minute on GMA-7, Charice told the press that it is one of their biggest preparation for Glee. She said that she wanted to look fresh on Glee.

Meanwhile, fans and detractors alike were surprised; they couldn't seem to figure out why in the world Charice would need to get Botox treament. They say that it is not a good example for young women. 

Charice's camp defended her, saying that it was done to relieve a jaw problem that is similar to TMJ and not to make her look younger nor to make her "naturally round" face look narrower.

Here is a video of Charice while going through the Botox Treatment  procedure under Dr. Vicki Belo.

Meanwhile here is another video made by a fan:

Charice: Before and After the Botox Treatment

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