Joseph Vincent - 'If you Stay' Lyrics and Video

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ANOTHER FILIPINO YouTube sensation, Joseph Vincent, is now making waves in the entertainment scene when he was featured on Ellen. Just as 2011 opens, he releases his new single called If You Stay.

The song is upbeat, easy on the ears, and cool to sing along with.

Here's the lyrics and video of the song:

Joseph Vincent -- If You Stay

Joseph Vincent -- If You Stay Lyrics

I was standing on the other side
watching you leave and I,
couldn't see you go

Know that I was so sincere
when I said I need you here
cause this is your home

You're the one my everything
If you stay you'll make me sing

I'll give you my life
I'll give you my heart
and nothing will ever come between us,
ever come between us tonight
I'll show you the way, Just promise me that you'll
Promise me that you'll stay

When you're with me I feel so alive
You're the bonnie to my clyde
We can paint the town

But you're so far (ohhh)
You're so far (woah ohhh)
And that can't even hold me down



And I know that our bond's so true
You are to me as I am to you
And I know that we can sustain
even though we ain't together
our love still remains


You can visit Joseph Vincent's official site to listen to his original songs and for information on how to buy his songs.
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