Maria Aragon talks to Lady Gaga on the Phone

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ANOTHER YOUNG and talented Filipino, Maria Aragon is making waves on YouTube and has turned Lady Gaga into a fan! Yeah, that's right, Lady Gaga is amazed with this young kid's covers of her hits, especially Born This Way.

Here's a video of Maria Aragon talking to Lady Gaga  when the kid was invited to the Winnipeg's number 1 radio station, Hot 103:

On Twitter, Lady Gaga shared that she cried over Maria Aragon's cover of her song.

And here is the video that made Lady Gaga cry:

Maria Aragon sings Lady Gaga's Born This Way

Maria Aragon is born to Filipino parents who now lives in Canada and her video where she sings Lady Gaga's Born this Way has reached over 2 Million views and over 68, 000 likes as of this posting. Musika Central will sure keep tabs on this new Filipino YouTube sensation, Maria Aragon.
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