Team Azkals raises the Filipino Spirit

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IF THERE is one thing that keeps the Filipino spirit afloat in these times of political  and economic turmoil, it's the National Football Team, called by its more popular name, Team Azkals.

If you read on Wikipedia, you would see how poor the Philippine Football Team performed in the tournaments it participated in, despite its being the oldest team in Asia.

Philippines 2-0 Vietnam (Complete Highlights)

However, their recent success in the 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup, beating the defending champion, Vietnam, brought them under the spotlight. That alone raised the spirit of the Filipinos. We now have another field to show the world how talented Filipinos are.

A Tribute To The Azkals (Philippine National Football Team)

Football enthusiasts around the country have become more optimistic that in the next tournaments we can make it to the top.

AFC Challenge Cup Qualifier Playoff - Philippines VS Mongolia, first leg - Azkals GOALS

Last night, in the playoffs for the 2012 AFC Challenge Cup, Team Azkals won against Mongolia, 2-0 at the Panaad Stadium in Bacolod City.

It's a good thing that there is an overwhelming support to the Team Azkals, in fact, the President donated three million pesos to the Philippine National Football Team.
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