Maria Aragon wows Royal Couple

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AFTER HAVING been praised by millions, including Lady Gaga, who invited her to her concert, young Pinay YouTube sensation Maria Aragon goes royal when she sang the Candian national anthem in front of the Royal Couple, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Maria Aragon performed the Canadian national anthem, O Canada in both the English and French version during the celebration of Canada Day 2011 in Ottawa, Canada, July 1, which was attended by the Royal dignitaries from London led by the newly wed Prince William and Princess Kate.

Maria Aragon sings Canadian National Anthem Video

It is such an honor to be chosen to sing the national anthem. In her interviews, Maria Aragon is clearly proud and happy that the government selected her and she is delighted to know that her performance pleased the Royal Couple.

Here's a background video about Maria Aragon's singing the Canadian national anthem:

Filipinos all over the world are again very proud of this talented Pinay YouTube sensation Maria Aragon.
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