Arjohn Gilbert, the Kid Singing in Puregold Clark, A YouTube Hit

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APPEARING IN a YouTube video that, as of this writing, has reached almost a million views in less than a week, Arjohn Gilbert, the Kid singing in Puregold Clark Pampanga is a certified Pinoy YouTube sensation.

In the video, Arjohn sings Justin Beiber's Baby, Bruno Mars' Just the Way You Are, Iyaz's Replay and Mariah Carey's When Angels Cry and did some beatboxing of Michael Jackson's Billie Jean. 

Here is the video I am talking about:

Arjohn Gilbert, the Kid Singing in Puregold Clark YouTube Videot

Arjohn sells flute in Clark Pampanga for a living. (I wonder if he is still studying.)  As an added attraction, he sings for his customers, who, most of the time, enthralled by his sheer talent, are compelled to buy his flute and to even give him extra money, I suppose. It is very easy to give to someone who is doing his best to earn money that to those who simply asks. With a talent like Arjohn's, you would you would wish that he'd stop singing in the streets and start recording an album. Those who uploaded the video are, for sure, so convinced that Arjohn deserves our attention. He really does.

People are comparing her to Justin Beiber, calling him Justin Beiber of the Philippines, and they are thinking that he would be successful like Charice. Well, let's hope for that. Charice has already invited Arjohn on Twitter to perform with her when she comes back to the Philippines.

In a little research I made, I found out that there were videos on YouTube featuring a younger Arjohn singing for some customers in a McDonald's branch and that he was actually featured on GMA-7's 24 Oras two years ago.

Arjohn's story is an inspiring one. I am sure that he dreams of becoming famous one day, but he has to think first first of earning money for his family for now by selling flutes and singing in the streets. I really hope that he will one day be successful and inspire his fellow Aetas and even all the other kids who would learn about him. I'd love to bear witness to a success story of someone who was once just a kid singing in Puregold Clark.
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