Lea Salonga is a Disney Legend

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Lea Salonga, who gave a heavenly voice to many Disney characters, has officially been named a Disney Legend in a ceremony in Anaheim California.

Filipinos have long been taking pride with every success Lea Salonga achieves and so much more with the Disney Legend recognition that puts Lea in the ranks of Tom Hanks, Elton John, and Barbara Walters.

The Disney Legend is program established in 1987 to give honor to individuals who have greatly contributed to the legacy of Disney.

Lea Salonga Disney Legend Acceptance Speech

In the video below, Lea Salonga sings the theme songs for the remarkable and timeless Disney pictures, Pocahontas (Colors of the Wind), Hercules (Go the Distance), Tarzan (You'll Be in My Heart), and Mulan (Reflection).

Lea Salonga Disney Theme Songs

Congratulations, Lea Salonga! You really are a Disney Legend! We are really proud of you, Lea Salonga, our very own Disney Legend!

With input from ABS-CBN News, Lea Salonga becomed Disney Legend.

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