Musika Central launches 1st Music Video: Kinabuhi - A Tribute to Paraguay

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FOR THE first time, Musika Central produced a music video for a local artist and it is called Kinabuhi - A Tribute to Paraguay.

KINABUHI is a song dedicated to Victor Madrazo a.k.a. Paraguay who has become a popular character in the streets of General Santos City and the nearby town of Alabel, where he hails. Because of his popularity, he was commissioned to promote the Tuna Festival in 2011 in a series of videos posted on YouTube. He succumbed to a disease last year.

The song is about the inspiration that Paraguay has given the people. It tells about everyone being equal in the sight of God. It speaks of loving one another. Our social status does not determine the kind of person we are. We all have but one life and that life is not something we can take with us forever.

The rap was written by Paolo Araneta, also known as Kumplikado, a member of Hymnmagsikan Wrecords. Paolo is a 19-year-old resident of General Santos City and has written several other rap songs including Kahapong Kabaliwan.

Kinabuhi - A Tribute to Paraguay

Lyrics by Paolo Araneta a.k.a. Kumplikado
Performed by Paolo Araneta featuring Glenn of Skullgang/Psylent Rhyme
Recorded by Hymnmagsikan Wrecords
Music Video Produced by MusikaCentral

This video was shot in various locations in Alabel and General Santos City. The actor who plays Paraguay in the video is Whilmark "Choy" Ortibano. Choy is an office worker, dance trainer, and a band vocalist. He personally knows Paraguay so it is easy for him to mimic his moves, voice, and manner of speaking.  He impersonates Paraguay for the fun of it, but pays respect to the guy. He says that wherever Paraguay used to go, he never failed to elicit laughter from whoever sees him, and Choy sees it as a good thing, a reason for why the people will not forget him.

The video was shot entirely using a Nikon D5100 using only available light and is the first music video produced by Musika Central. Musika Central looks forward to producing more videos soon in support to local artists.

Meanwhile, Hymnmagsikan Wrecords has slated a show called Verbal Jam on Friday, April 26, 2013 at Hipnose Disco Bar. Tickets are priced at only Php 30.00. Be there! Who knows, you might get the chance to hear this song performed live.
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