Talented Generals capture social network attention

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GENERAL SANTOS City has a bottomless reservoir of talents. A kid named LA or Lloyd Aldrich Talonding singing Dance With My Father adds to the long list of local talents that have captured the attention of the country and the world.

His video where he is singing Luther Vandross' very popular song, Dance With My Father, while his cousin James Walter Bucong plays the guitar, has --as of this posting-- reached over a hundred thousand likes and shares on Facebook and over 17,000 views on YouTube.

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The video uploaded on Facebook has generated more views as it was being shared in various groups and pages.

The video on YouTube was uploaded by Sharla Talonding just this April 21. That's barely four days ago. 

It's LA's voice and cool style of singing that made me want to listen to it over and over again. A lot of people say that it is the best version of the song Dance With My Father that they have ever seen. Others are saying that what LA has is PURE TALENT.

You have to see it yourself and call me a liar if your jaw won't drop while watching it. Here's the video:

Talented Kid from GenSan sings Dance With My Father Video

LA, with your talent, I'm sure you'd become famous. Thank you for making us proud.
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