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IN MUSIKA Central's mission of putting forward local artists, we now launch the music video of A Song for SAN-D by Talking About Jane.

Talking About Jane is the newest band GenSan should be proud of. With inspiration from various influences, Talking About Jane has produced sound that sets them apart from the bands we usually hear.

Talking About Jane is composed of Jopat Barcelona (Vocals/Guitar), Jay del Pilar (Violin), Gerson Juele (Lead Guitar), Robin Lim (Base Guitar), and McVince Aligarbe (Drums/Beatbox).

>>Talking About Jane Fanpage

Asked why they named their band Talking About Jane they say that Jane is a symbol for every girl. The band  writes songs about girls and relationships with them.

In this video, TAJ shows its take on broken relationships. With Crizel Jane Beller in the female lead role, Jopat plays a repentant guy who attempts to make it up to the girl but finds out that there is no more chance for them to be together.

"A Song for SAN-D is a song for our ex-girlfriends," says Jopat. Surely, everyone who has had relationships that went sour can relate to this song.

Here's the music video:

Watch out for more of what Talking About Jane can offer.
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