I'm Not Invincible by AYEL ft Kreyzi Bayrus

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Here's the second collaboration between Ayel and KreyziBayrus. I'm Not Invincible is an expression of anguish of a guy who is always perceived to be strong that everyone looks up to him and admiring him but nobody truly cares about him and what he feels because of the preconception that he can always manage.

In the video we translated the message into a short-lived love story between a girl who meets this cool guy. This guy has done great things for the girl earning her admiration but not her love.

KreyziBayrus (Charles Cyril Boc) and Michelle Gamutin play the lead roles, with the participation of Mayshelle Gutierrez, AXL Grico, and Kf-One Represent. (Thanks a lot, guys, for making this  music video project possible! XOXO)

We would like to thank Piyesta KTV and Restobar at Robinson's Place GenSan for not apprehending us when we took our shots there. We'd also like to thank Fashion Fusion boutique for lending us the dresses worn by Michelle. Other shots were taken at Heaven's Star Kitchen.

Thanks also to Ripztah of Pulaw Records and Tunog Danao Royalty Entertainment Productions.

Here's our video:

Again, we're doing this for the love of music and art.
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