Tanggap Ko by Bastardo

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From the production team that brought you, Iyong Ganda, here is another song from the one and only Bastardo, Tanggap Ko.

Tanggap Ko is a song that many could relate to. Anyone who has been in a relationship that turned sour could attest how difficult it is to accept that the relationship failed and to move on. That is what this song is about.

Although it might sound positive as the title suggests, the persona in the song is in deep lamentation and remorse.

The video takes a playful side of the song's message. The persona, in his pain, attempts suicide several but always fails. Maybe, it is enough sign to believe that ONE SHOULD NOT COMMIT SUICIDE just for a lost love.

We did some twist in the ending. It is up to you to conclude if losing the girl (?) was something to regret or a good riddance.

Bastardo (Reinvincent Morales) is a popular rapper from GenSan. He is currently affiliated with a local group Tunog Danao and 95Hundred.
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